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17 Top Singapore Packing List Items for 2023 + What to Wear & NOT to Bring

what to pack for Singapore
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So, you’re looking to know what to pack for your trip to Singapore. You want to know what to bring, what to wear, and most importantly, you need suggestions on affordable, high-quality products that’ll provide convenience and give you more cash to spend on exploring Singapore’s endless attractions.

I’ve been there, too. And having already visited Singapore on vacation, I can confidently tell you that there are really only four key areas you’ll need to prep for: 1. The tropical heat, 2. Lots of walking, 3. The beach, and 4. Forgetting about work and kicking back with a cocktail in hand as you marvel at one of the most captivating regions of Southeast Asia.

Here’s what you should pack to stay cool, feel comfortable, and look good during your trip to Singapore:

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What to Pack for Singapore – 17 Essentials

  • 1. Quick-Dry Travel Towel

    A quick-dry travel towel is one item that should be on every packing list. They are compact, fast-drying, and super versatile. They work well for wiping away beads of sweat from walking around Singapore on a hot day or using as a picnic blanket when having a seat in a park. If you don’t trust the cleanliness of the hotel towels, these absorbent travel towels will do the trick and dry by the time you need to pack them up.

    HERO Travel Towel - Blue

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  • 2. Virtual Private Network (VPN)

    You’ll be connecting to various wifi networks in hotels, cafes, or restaurants while traveling in Singapore. A virtual private network (VPN) will keep your digital information like passwords and credit card information safe from hackers when connecting to public internet. We recommend using a VPN like NordVPN while traveling to keep your confidential information secure. An added bonus is that you can virtually change the location of your computer so you can stream any country’s Netflix library.

    how a vpn works

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  • 3. Neck Wallet

    This simple-yet-effective neck wallet is the most convenient and safe way to keep track of important valuables and personal items during your trip to Singapore. It holds passports, IDs, credit cards, tickets, cash, and even phones. It’s lightweight, heavy-duty, and wraps around your neck, keeping you safe from pickpockets.

    Neck Wallet

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  • 4. Reusable Bag

    Let’s say you like to carry the bare minimum when you travel. You don’t need a large or small backpack to hold extra items you probably won’t even use, and even worst is having to lug around extra weight while sightseeing around Singapore. That’s why a sturdy, lightweight reusable bag is a convenient travel piece that’ll allow you to stay loose while keeping only your most important necessities on hand.

    Reusable Bag

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  • 5. Universal Travel Adapter

    Singapore uses 230 voltage and type G, C, and M power sockets, meaning you’ll need a lightweight and compact universal travel adapter to charge your phones, tablets, and laptops during your stay. Plus, this adapter’s equipped with two USB ports, so you’ll literally get more bang for your buck.

    Power Adaptor

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  • 6. Universal Waterproof Phone Case

    Singapore is known for its occasional rain showers throughout the year, with the majority of precipitation taking place from November through January. Instead of having to quickly toss your phone into a pile of rice after it’s been wet, why not invest in an IPX8 certified waterproof phone case for the best protection? Hey, proper preparation prevents … wet phones!

    Universal Waterproof Phone Case

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  • 7. Windproof Travel Umbrella

    Too bright? Too wet? Escape Singapore’s heat and rain with a sturdy, lightweight umbrella that provides 25% more rain coverage than other compact umbrellas. Plus, it’s only 12” long when collapsed and will fit perfectly into your luggage without taking up space.

    Windproof Travel Umbrella

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  • 8. Life Straw Water Bottle

    America’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends drinking 1 cup of water every 15-20 minutes when working in the heat. And since you’ll be doing a lot of walking, it’s best to keep a quality bottle with advanced water filtration on hand at all times while you hop from place to place in Singapore.

    Lifestraw Water Bottle

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  • 9. Cooling Towel

    This premium-grade, chemical-free microfiber towel provides cooling relief for your head and neck. Take it with you everywhere, from the beaches on Sentosa Island to the SkyPark Observation Deck atop the 56th floor of Marina Bay Sands.

    towel pink

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  • 10. Electrolyte Tablets

    Electrolyte tablets are an additional way to stay hydrated and replenished during your expeditions across Singapore. Just drop a flavored tablet into your Life Straw water bottle and voilà, on to the next adventure! How convenient is that!?

    Electrolyte Tablets

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  • 11. Packing Cubes

    Packing cubes are the best way to stay organized while traveling. A set of packing cubes comes with a variety of size cubes to make it easy to organize and find your things while on the go. Gone are the days of rummaging through a messy suitcase and you’ll even be able to fit more things in your luggage since packing cubes make it easier to compress your things in your suitcase.

    Packing Cubes

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  • 12. Underwater Camera

    You won’t need to take your phone anywhere near water with this affordable underwater camera. With a 20MP photo resolution and up to 4K video quality, you’ll capture fun moments on top or beneath the waves without a hitch. This is another must-have if you plan to visit the beaches and waterparks on Sentosa Island.

    Underwater Camera

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  • 13. TSA-Approved Luggage Locks

    Luggage locks are a multi-purpose travel item I always travel with. Not only are they good for securing luggage, but they are also useful for locking lockers in hostels, spas, gyms, and at tourist sites. These 4-digit combination locks are 10x harder to crack than standard 3-digit locks and are backed by a lifetime replacement guarantee.

    luggage locks

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  • 14. Portable Charger

    The worst thing that can happen on your trip to Singapore is that you miss out on getting directions to your hotel or capturing an unforgettable moment at Universal Studios all because you’ve failed to bring a portable charging device for your phone. Your phone will be your most reliable friend overseas if you make sure it stays healthy and secure.


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  • 15. Travel Insurance

    Travel insurance should be essential anytime you travel overseas, and is my top choice for finding the perfect policy that I feel has your back. They provide 24/7 emergency assistance worldwide, coverage for emergency medical expenses, cover the costs of luggage if it’s lost or stolen, and will even reimburse you for trip costs if you ever needed to cancel. Knowing you’re covered can provide great peace of mind on your wonderful vacation.

    Travel Insurance

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  • 16. Jet Lag Relief

    Once I tried these natural jet lag relief pills, I couldn’t believe I had been traveling so long without them. They make me feel so much better after to long trips to places like Singapore. I feel much more refreshed and less tired when I take these at the beginning of a long trip. I actually feel like going out and exploring when we land instead of heading straight to my hotel bed.

    Jet Lag Relief

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  • 17. Hanging Toiletry Bag

    I love my hanging toiletry bag. It’s the perfect addition to my packing cubes to help keep ALL of my belongings orderly. This one is spacious, easily hangs anywhere, and has plastic compartments to contain any spills that might occur due to the change of pressure in the plane.

    Hanging Toiletry Bag

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What to Wear in Singapore

When it comes to what to wear in Singapore, the region’s year-round warm to hot tropical climate unequivocally places comfort over style. People won’t judge you for what you’re wearing—there’s a communal understanding that it’s hot and everyone just wants to have a good time under the sun.

Bring versatile clothes that are comfortable, loose, and breathable in high temperatures and humidity, and that can be worn for lots of walking, lounging, sightseeing, and outdoor activities during the day, and then to restaurants and nightlife venues at night.

What should WOMEN wear in Singapore? – (Click to expand)
Below is a sample women’s clothing list. (All items link to for your convenience).

If you must feel hot, then why not look hot too? Start by investing in comfortable, breathable walking shoes to wear throughout the day as you explore various attractions across Singapore. If you truly like to let your feet breathe, a pair of cushiony strap sandals to go along with your gorgeous sundress will have you feeling sexy, loose, and ready for adventure. Or, throw in some UV protection sunglasses and a colorful crop or tank top to go with some denim, jersey, or overall shorts.

In the evening, bring out your smart-casual shoes and midi skirt or a coordinated piece that’s suitable for both dinner and a lively night out at a rooftop bar or nightlife hub. Don’t forget to pack your lightweight jacket as Singapore is known to experience light rain showers throughout the year.

What should MEN wear in Singapore? – (Click to expand)
Below is a sample men’s clothing list. (All items link to for your convenience).

Travel throughout Singapore in comfort and style. Shoot for comfortable sneakers, strap sandals, and casual shoes that can take you to the beach, mall, tourist attractions, a fine dining restaurant, and nightlife venue all in the same day. Bring out your denim, khaki, or drawstring cargo shorts to escape the heat, and throw on a polo, button-down, sleeveless tee, or dry-fit tee to feel even looser around your chest. Singaporeans love soccer and basketball, so why not wear a stylish sports jersey and flex hat to represent your favorite team or player?

Dressing for the Seasons

Winter & Spring – February, March, April, May

The best time to visit Singapore. The ‘coolest’ months of the year pave way for bearable outdoor adventures as the lowest temperature you may experience is a ‘blistering’ 75ºF. These months allow for more sunshine and less rain while gradually transitioning to drier heat.

Summer & Fall – June, July, August, September, October

Summer months welcome the busiest traffic in Singapore. Schools are out and there’s an influx of tourists looking to experience Singapore’s best attractions. There are also plenty of festivals to celebrate and the annual Formula One race in September is a highly coveted event that brings in travelers from around the world. These months are some of the hottest and driest throughout the year, but you can also expect sporadic rain showers.

Wear loose clothing that is breathable and won’t stick to your skin.

Winter – November, December, January

November, December, and January are the wettest months in Singapore per the start of the monsoon season. Wet, however, doesn’t mean it’ll get cold; in fact, temperatures will remain relatively warm to hot in spite of the rain showers. The most important items you’ll want to have on hand are a lightweight jacket or sweater and umbrella.

Dressing Appropriately for the Activity – (Click to expand)
Tour – It’s not uncommon to see tourists arriving to Singapore on a group tour, or signing up for a guided tour shortly after arrival. If that sounds convenient, cost/time-efficient, and exciting, you may just wind up on a professionally designed route, too. With that, be prepared to walk, meaning you’ll need to wear a pair of comfortable athletic shoes. Short sleeve tees, crop tops, tank tops, and a pair of denim or drawstring shorts are perfect for the heat.

Beach/Pool/Waterpark – You’ll be amazed at how many beaches, pools, and waterparks there are spread across Singapore. The most popular are located on Sentosa Island. Wear a colorful swimsuit and water shoes as the ground will be hot. You may also want to pack a sun hat and don’t forget your waterproof camera and phone case so you can capture as many fun moments as possible!

Nightlife – Singapore’s tropical climate is great for rooftop bars, outdoor seating, and lounging around public places with friends and loved ones deep into the night. Choose a smart casual look like jeans, button-ups, capris, or a midi skirt. And remember, you’ll most likely hop place-to-place on a fun night’s out, so swap your leather dress shoes for sneakers and trainers that’ll match your ensemble.

Dining out – Again, you just can’t go wrong with a smart-casual look that blends in with all kinds of settings, from your western fast food joints and hawker food centres to high-end restaurants located in Singapore’s commercial business district. Pull out your sundress, khakis, short-sleeve button-downs, and breathable coordinated pieces.

What NOT to Bring to Singapore

  • 1.Durian Fruit

    One of the world’s most pungent-smelling fruits—considered a delicacy in some cultures—is completely banned from public transportation. If you’ve ever smelt a durian before, then you’d understand why.

  • 2.Vapes/E-Cigarettes

    Singapore takes the health of its citizens very seriously. Under the law, smoking cigarettes, e-cigarettes, and vaping is prohibited in most indoor and public places in Singapore. However, there are some designated places and areas where smoking is allowed. Check out the specifics at the Singapore’s National Environment Agency website.

  • 3.Chewing Gum

    Singapore’s had a ban on chewing gum since the early 90s. Just another eye-opening method of keeping its streets and properties as clean and tidy as possible. Leave your pack of gum on the plane!

  • 4.Firecrackers

    Fireworks have been deemed a public safety issue in Singapore since the Dangerous Fireworks Act of 1972. While places in Asia are highly sought out to celebrate the New Year, in Singapore, you won’t even make it past the airport security checkpoint with a box of ‘Pop Pops’, so don’t even bother.

  • 5.Winter Clothes

    Leave your big winter coats, snow boots, scarves, mittens, cardigans, thick socks, and earmuffs at home!

  • 6.Pirated Movies, Music, and Pornography

    Kick your urges to the curb, at least when it comes to prohibited items like pirated media and pornography. And though watching pornography in Singapore isn’t illegal, you don’t want to get caught possessing or distributing it.

What NOT to wear in Singapore – (Click to expand)
The last thing you need when it comes to Singapore is to pack too many clothes for cold weather. You ideally want to prep for warm to hot tropical weather, which also means to expect lots of humidity and possible light rain showers. There’s no need for heavy coats and thermals and just say no to packing too many jeans. The gorgeous weather will make you want to explore as much as the day lets you, so forget bringing too many shoes that aren’t sneakers or arch supporting.

FAQs about Singapore

  • 1. What’s the weather like in Singapore and when’s the best time to visit?

    Singapore is a tropical climate region, which means it’s generally warm to hot all year round with some humidity and light rainfall. The best time to visit Singapore is between January and June.

  • 2. How can I get around Singapore?

    Fortunately, Singapore is equipped with an MRT, or mass rapid transit system, aka subway. It’ll get you pretty close to most attractions and it’s probably the most convenient, time-efficient, and cost-effective method of getting around town. You can also purchase an inexpensive day/multi-day pass to get unlimited rides. I know, thank God!

    You can also travel around Singapore via local bus and metered taxi. However, the best way to truly experience the beautiful sights, sounds, and awe-inspiring attractions of Singapore is from atop the open-aired deck of Big Bus Singapore. You can hop on and off at popular landmarks situated along predetermined routes, which allows for more of a fun, engaging, and memorable immersive experience during your trip.

  • 3. What are some rules when visiting Singapore?

    Watch out! Singapore is often referred to as ‘fine city’ for its strict rules and regulations regarding everyday things you may take for granted at home. For instance, you could get a hefty fine if you fail to follow these rules:

    1. No Smoking
    2. No Chewing Gum
    3. No Jaywalking
    4. No Littering
    5. No Vandalizing Property
    6. No Eating on Public Transportation
    7. No forgetting to flush the toilet in the restroom!

    And drugs—possession, consuming, trafficking—are a BIG no-no in the Singapore that could result in a very harsh punishment. No wonder Singapore is one of the safest and cleanest regions in the world!

  • 4. What are the top things to do in Singapore?

    Singapore is loaded with attractions, experiences, and things to do for any occasion. But here’s what you’ll definitely want to check out:

    1. Take a cruise on Singapore River
    2. Visit Merlion Park
    3. Explore the observation deck and infinity pool of Marina Bay Sands
    4. Discover Gardens by the Bay
    5. Engage at ArtScience Museum
    6. Walk the Helix Bridge
    7. Swim on Sentosa Island
    8. See animals at Singapore Zoo
    9. Grab drinks at Clarke Quay
    10. Smile at Singapore Botanic Gardens
  • 5. Where can I go shopping and buy souvenirs in Singapore?

    The best places to shop and buy souvenirs in Singapore are China Town and Bugis Street. For luxury brands and high-end products, try Orchard Road and Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands.

  • 6. Where is the best nightlife spot in Singapore?

    The hands-down, go-to, must-visit place to experience Singapore’s exciting nightlife is Clarke Quay, a vibrant collection of bars, clubs, restaurants, and picturesque city views at every turn.

    Other popular nightlife venues to consider in Singapore:
    Ku De Ta at Marina Bay Sands – Roof-top lounge located atop Marina Bay Sands.
    Zouk – Popular dance club that regularly host international DJs and concerts.
    Orchard Road – Singapore’s popular shopping street turns into a lively nightlife destination.
    Sentosa Island – Drinks on the beach? ‘Forget about it!’

  • 7. What beaches can I visit in Singapore?

    Here’s a fun fact: Singapore is home to Palawan Beach, which is continental Asia’s southernmost point to the equator. This family-friendly beach is riddled with palm trees, gorgeous sand, and a remarkable view of the South China Sea that you’ll never forget.

    Other popular beaches in Singapore to explore:
    Tanjong Beach – Perfect for getting away from crowds and wanting peace and quiet.
    East Coast Beach – A man-made beach. Catch Tai-chi classes and great for cycling.
    Changi Beach – Quiet beach loaded with BBQ pits.
    Lazarus Island – A ‘best kept secret’ white sand beach with clear water.
    Siloso Beach – Best beach for water activities, restaurants, cafes, bars, and shopping.

  • 8. What are the best things to do on Sentosa Island?

    Sentosa Island is an island resort off the coast of Singapore. It’s famous for its luxury hotels, beaches, water parks, hiking trails, leisure activities, and stunning natural scenery, which means if you’re looking for paradise on Earth, Sentosa Island just might be as close as you’ll get.

    Popular attractions on Sentosa Island to include on your bucket list:

    1. Universal Studios Singapore
    2. S.E.A. Aquarium
    3. Adventure Cove Waterpark
    4. Dolphin Island
    5. Mega Adventure Park
    6. Palawan Beach
    7. Dinner Cruise aboard Royal Albatross luxury yacht
    8. Madame Tussauds Singapore
    9. Nestopia
    10. SkyHelix Sentosa

    You just can’t leave Singapore without paying Sentosa Island a visit!