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"Step-By-Step Guide to India Travel: Quickly Learn How to Stay Healthy & Avoid Scams, What to Eat & Drink, Temple Etiquette & Much More"

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What people are saying about the ebook

"The best way to test everything that Asher has said in preparing you for India is ... to go to India! 

I am in India right now (in New Delhi to be exact and what a wonderful experience it is during this cool/cold February!) and there is so much I am grateful for with respect to the information I got so freely from Asher's ebook. 

It wouldn't have been this easy if it weren't for all the help I got from, who is obviously a far-away friend. 

Thank you Asher! 

You're awesome!" 

~John Fraser, United Kingdom

"Hi Asher,

Just some feedback, I have just returned from 2 weeks in India, first time, I took a lot of notice from your Ebook and am happy to say I had no health or safety issues. 

What an amazing place India is!"

~Alison Fahland, United States

"Hello Asher,

I am the lady in her 60's who asked your advice about traveling to India. Well I am back now and wish to thank you for your ebook and all your advice on traveling and what to bring etc. I had a wonderful time, great experience and would do it all again tomorrow if I could. I traveled to Agra, Deli, Jaipur, Jodpur. I was one of the few who didn't get delhi belly or any insect bites. This was all down to your invaluable advice.

Thanks Again & Kind Regards,

~Breda McAsey, Ireland

"G'day Asher!

Just wanted to say thank you for your fantastic guide to the practicalities of visiting India. Me and my wife have just been on our first trip - Shimla, Delhi, Agra, Jaipur and Mumbai - and read your guide before going. Excellent and clear advice throughout. As retirees we did it the "easy" way with an organised tour and five-star hotels.

As you say in your guide, a five-star hotel is kind of retiring from the "real" India each evening. But not always. In Jaipur our hotel hosted a huge Indian wedding of one of the local bigwigs. Incredibly colourful event. At the other end of scale from the poverty you see on the streets and rail stations, but still the real India.

We managed to avoid any bugs, although as you point out too many curries can have it's own effects like wind!

Thanks again for your excellent guide, which I've just read again on our return and agree with everything there."

All the very best."

~Michael Hughes, Australia

"Hello Asher,

We are an Indian couple from Toronto, Canada and we follow your blog regularly. We thank you for all the inspiration that you have given to us through your blog. We would also like to thank you for being one of the western bloggers who always has nice things to say on India. It does make a huge positive impact and in your own way you are contributing to the economy of India. 

We are sure that whenever a Skeptical traveler lands on your website then his/her opinion about India will surely change."

~Kiran & Chandni, Canada

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My name is Asher Fergusson. I grew up on the beaches of Sydney. In 2004, I left Australia to pursue a degree abroad in the US. I have traveled 100,000’s of miles around the world living in Europe for 2 years and India for a total of 1.5 years.

In 2008 I founded my own successful Internet marketing firm. I sold this company in 2014 to have a more free schedule for travel, to write my India blog and go surfing on Maui where I live with my amazing wife, Lyric.

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