Self Portraits – Painting with Light


Whenever I have had some time over the past few months I have been taking some fun self portraits in the evening around twilight. I have always had a fascination with time lapse photography and have been doing it on and off since I was 14. I love how in a single frame you can capture multiple moments in time and how it creates something more than the sum of the parts. All photos below were taken with a Pentax DSLR on the “bulb” setting with the shutter opened for about 2 to 5 minutes and the light used was an LED bike headlight. I did not do any editing with Photoshop – these are taken straight from the camera’s SD card… Click the images to enlarge.

^This one was taken near a rail road crossing just up the road from my office. I passed the light behind my back and above my head from hand to hand in order to get this effect.

^This one was taken outside the large Transcendental Meditation dome on the Maharishi University of Management campus (where I am studying).

^This one was taken on a full moon outside of the building that I live in.

^This one was taken a few days ago with B street behind me. Notice how I’m not wearing warm clothes anymore – finally it’s Summer! There are more interesting colors from the flowers and fireflies etc. It was quite lucky how the car headlights behind me went almost exactly through the center of the image…

^I thought to try and write something with this light painting technique so I wrote “RESPECT”.

Hope you enjoyed!

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  1. Hey Asher!! Awesome! I miss you man… I am teaching TM full time here in Rio. You are more than welcome here! Big hug!

    • Hey Jordan bro – I miss you too! I will try and visit you sometime or maybe you will come to Fairfield?

      ~Peace 😀

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