How To Pack a Suitcase Like a Ninja

Updated on October 23, 2018 by Asher Fergusson

12 Suitcase Packing Tips From a Seasoned Traveler

I have been packing suitcases for international trips every few months for the past 10 years. I must have done it hundreds of times by now. I have learned many tricks that save time, headache and ultimately money. If you want to learn how to pack your suitcase like a pro then follow these tips below.

15 Tips to Avoid Jet Lag

Updated on October 23, 2018 by Asher Fergusson

How to Not Feel Jet Lagged After 25+ hrs of Travel

I have done countless killer journeys in my travels around the world. For example, in 2012, I traveled from Fairfield, Iowa, USA to Bodrum, Turkey. It took me 42 hours and 5 flights to get there! Even though this was a mega long travel time, I didn’t experience jet lag. From 10 years of trying all kinds of different things I have now got it down so that I avoid jet lag symptoms almost altogether. Follow these 15 tips below and I’m sure you’ll feel much better when you get to your destination making your trip more enjoyable.