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17 Top Cheer Camp Packing List Items for 2024 + What NOT to Bring

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Cheerleading develops strength, flexibility, spunk and self-confidence. It teaches athletes about teamwork, commitment, responsibility, and especially camaraderie. Cheer camp is a perfect opportunity to bond with your teammates, learn from each other, and excel in your sport. You’ll learn cheerleading motions, cheerleading jumps, cheer and dance routines, tumbling, and have an amazing time with your teammates. Don’t forget to pack everything on this list before you leave for camp!

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What to Pack for Cheerleading Camp – 17 Essentials

  • 1. Athletic Clothing

    Wearing comfortable and flexible athletic gear will set you up for success. There’s nothing worse than being unprepared when you’re trying to have a productive day in cheer camp. While cheering, stunting and tumbling, you need to wear clothes that are sweat-wicking or quick-dry. These athletic shorts and tried and tested to get you through your week at cheer camp!

    Athletic Clothing

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  • 2. Water Bottle

    Staying hydrated is extremely important on any day of the week, but especially during cheer camp when you’re exerting yourself day in and day out. Avoid dehydration and stay ready for whatever comes your way by drinking plenty of water. With a reusable water bottle you can refill over and over again. This is my favorite water bottle because its spout makes it easy to drink while on the go.

    Water Bottle

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  • 3. First Aid Kit

    You should never go to any sort of athletic camp without a first aid kit. Cheer camp will have you flipping and flying and doing all sorts of things that could leave you with bruises and scratches at the least. Make sure your team keeps band aids as well as the big guns around at cheer camp – emergency splints, instant cold packs, and gauze, just in case.

    First Aid Kit

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  • 4. Makeup Removing Wipes

    After a fun-filled day of cheering your heart out and sweating in the hot sun, nothing feels better than cleansing your face with a tingly face wipe, (especially when you’re too exhausted and having too much fun to go actually wash your face). These Burt’s Bees makeup removing wipes are all natural and exfoliating, and you don’t need to rise afterwards.

    Makeup Removing Wipes

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  • 5. Shower Shoes

    You never know what kind of bathrooms you’ll be showering in at cheer camp, or how many other sweaty athletes have used that shower before you! Protect your feet from athletes foot or toe fungus by using shower shoes. These ones are soft and lightweight. They’re perfect to stash in your duffel bag.

    Shower Shoes

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  • 6. Compact Mirror

    When you’re at cheer camp, you will definitely run into the issue of needing to do your makeup at the same time as everyone on your team. When you don’t have access to a bathroom mirror, you’ll be glad you brought a compact mirror with you. Waste no time waiting for the bathroom line to clear out. This one even has lights!

    Compact Mirror

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  • 7. Duffel Bag

    A good-sized duffel bag will probably be the only luggage you need to bring to cheer camp. A duffel that can hold everything from your athletic clothes to your cheer uniforms to your snack stash is perfect. This one is made from rip and water resistant nylon fabric, and is extremely durable. It’s definitely spacious enough for your everything you want to bring to cheer camp!

    Duffel Bag

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  • 8. Comfortable Athletic/Leisure Clothes

    No matter where you’re going, it’s always a good idea to bring comfortable “athleisure” clothes. You can wear them to early morning workout sessions, late night team talks or even use them as pajamas during your week at cheer camp. These leggings are soft, cute, comfortable, and come in some super cute colors.

    Comfortable Athletic/Leisure Clothes

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  • 9. Packing Cubes

    Packing cubes make packing super easy and the best part is that they keep you organized once you reach your destination. You’ll never have difficulty locating whatever you’re seeking. Once you use these packing cubes, you’ll never want to take another trip without them.

    Hero packing cubes

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  • 10. No-Dent Hair Ties

    These hair ties are the best. When you’re cheering, you want your hair to stay out of your face, and you want the flexibility to change styles throughout the day. These hair ties leave to trace (i.e. those annoying dents left by regular hair ties!), and stay put during lots of movement, so they’re perfect for perfecting every type of hairstyle.

    No-Dent Hair Ties

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  • 11. Energy Snacks

    You’ll need lots of energy for a long day at cheer camp. These energy bars will provide you with a good mix of carbohydrates, protein, and fiber. It’s moderate glycemic index food will give you sustained energy throughout the day, and will keep you full and focused on knocking your rival team dead.

    Energy Snacks

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  • 12. Portable Phone Charger

    At cheer camp, you may run into the issue of many girls trying to charge their phones in the same hotel room or gym all at once! When this happens, you’ll be glad you brought your own portable charger to keep your phone juiced. To avoid getting stuck with a dead phone, or having to sit on the ground somewhere else to charge your phone, bring a portable charger like this one.

    Portable Phone Charger

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  • 13. Earplugs/ Sleeping Mask

    If you plan to sleep during cheer camp, you’d better bring your own earplugs and a sleep mask. Besides the late-night chatter that will have everybody laughing and giggling, the lights from other rooms can make it difficult to get some shuteye. This mask & earplug duo is perfect for these sort of situations.

    Earplugs/ Sleeping Mask

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  • 14. Deck of Cards

    A deck of cards is extremely handy to use for loads of different time-killer games during your downtime at cheer camp. Cards are perfect for playing indoors or outdoors, while waiting for your team’s turn to use the tumbling mats or to wind down at night after practice. You can also use them at so many other occasions down the road like parties, BBQs, group events and camping trips. Here is a back-pocket game kit to keep in your cheer bag.

    Deck of Cards

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  • 15. Mini Hair Straightener

    If curling, straightening or waving your hair helps you feel like the best version of your cheerleader self, or if you and your friends have any fun crazy hairstyles planned for the end-of-camp cheer competition, you may want to bring along a styling tool that is small enough to fit in your duffel. You can rock high ponies, curls, or straight hair with this highly-rated straightener.

    Mini Hair Straightener

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  • 16. Face Masks

    Face masks are a fun and relaxing activity to do to bond with your teammates before bedtime at cheer camp. Sheet masks are all the rage these days, and come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Try out these ones that turn you into adorable animals, then wake up refreshed and ready for another day of cheering.

    Face Masks

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  • 17. Disposable Camera

    One of the best things about cheer camp is all of the memories you’ll take home after cheer camp is over. I still cherish the polaroids that my buddies and I took of each other during cheer camp my freshman year of high school! Bring a disposable camera to capture
    all of the priceless memories with your friends, and put them into a cute photo album later on, or submit them for the end-of-season slideshow!

    Disposable Camera

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What to wear to Cheerleading Camp

At cheer camp, you’re going to need mainly athletic clothes. Stand out and stay cool in tank tops that showcase your school colors, and pair them with some cute running shorts in bright colors. Definitely don’t forget to pack your cheer team uniform, bloomers, hair ribbons, lots of extra socks and underwear, and your cheer shoes! Bring your pom-poms and megaphone, too.

What NOT to take to Cheerleading Camp

  • 1.School work

    Unless it’s totally necessary, give yourself a break. Use cheer camp as an opportunity to focus on cheerleading and bond with your teammates. If you have downtime, dabble in some non-school-related passions like doodling in your sketchbook, playing games, or writing in your journal.

  • 2.Anything shareable that your other friends are already bringing

    Get in touch with your cheer pals a few days before cheer camp so that you don’t all show up with the same shareable snacks or too many hair ribbons!

  • 3.Bulky luggage

    There’s no need to bring anything more than a backpack or duffel bag to cheer camp.

  • 4.Too many clothes

    Bring only what you think you’ll actually wear! In reality, this will probably be only athletic clothing and your cheer uniforms, plus a pair of cute pajamas.

  • 5.Snacks that need to be cut, cooked or prepared

    If you want to bring snacks, bring simple, easy-to-eat items like cheese sticks, granola bars, popcorn or apple slices.

  • 6.Your own bedding

    The hotel that you’re staying at during cheer camp will have pillows, blankets… the works! Unless you’re staying in a dorm, leave the bedding at home. If you’re worried about sleeping in unfamiliar territory or are extra hygiene-conscious, I would recommend bringing a sleeping bag liner. Bring one that folds down super small (easy to pack), and it will save you some stress!

FAQs about Cheerleading Camp

  • 1. What if I get homesick at the cheer camp?

    Getting homesick is totally normal when you’re spending a week away from home! It helps to bring a blanket or pillow from home, and have a set time each night after practice to call your mom, dad, or sibling. If you have a cell phone, keeping in touch with your family daily via text is not a bad idea either.

  • 2. What sorts of activities are fun during downtime at cheer camp?

    Movies, card games, and charades are all very fun activities to do at cheer camp during downtime. If you’re at a loss, Pinterest is full of fun camp games and sleepover activity ideas. Do a quick search on their website before you go.

  • 3. What are some tips for packing toiletries in preparation for cheer camp?

    At cheer camp it can be fun to go all-out with your makeup on competition days, so pack some bright red lipstick and funky eyeshadows. For everything else, go through your daily routine in your head (or pay special attention to it the morning before you leave) and make a list of each thing you use. Pack only the items on that list and nothing else! Keep an eye out for items that have dual or triple purposes, and definitely leave the “just in case” items at home.

  • 4. There is a lot I want to pack in my toiletry case! How can I downsize?

    Try to pack makeup/toiletry samples rather than the full products. Put your liquids into even smaller containers that are meant for travel, and check to see what your teammates are bringing and what you can share. Chances are, someone is bringing a huge bottle of hairspray to share, and you could bring the shampoo. Save space with teamwork!