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17 Top Utah Packing List Items for 2024 + What to Wear & NOT to Bring

what to pack for Utah
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Welcome to Utah, the beehive state, home of the Great Salt Lake, gorgeous national parks, and some of the best skiing in the United States. For people of all ages and with different activities for anyone to enjoy, Utah is a great place to go! With all the diversity and beautiful scenery, make Utah your next travel destination.

If you are curious about what to pack for Utah, don’t worry! I have curated a full list of everything you should pack, what to wear, what not to wear, FAQs, and more all for the great state of Utah!

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What to Pack for Utah - 17 Essentials

  • 1. Packing Cubes

    For any trip, short or long, packing cubes are the easiest way to organize and easily pack all of your belongings. For packing made simple, use these packing cubes!

    Packing Cubes

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  • 2. Day Bag

    I recommend having a good day bag for any time in Utah. This backpack has plenty of space to bring anything you need. However, it’s lightweight and easy to carry around.

    Day Bag

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  • 3. Virtual Private Network (VPN)

    Any time you are on any public wifi, whether it be at a coffee shop, or a hotel, it is so important to protect all your information. Use this virtual private network to make sure you and your phone are protected!


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  • 4. Travel Umbrella

    Hiking, lounging around the lake, or just taking a walk, this umbrella is perfect for any activity! Not only does it provide rain protection, but also protection from the wind and the sun. It folds up into a small 1-pound, 12-inch stick, so it’s perfect for travel.

    Travel Umbrella

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  • 5. Lipstick-Sized Portable Charger

    Anytime you are camping, or away from home, it is so helpful to have a portable charger with you. Just in case of any dead phone emergencies, this will charge your phone for two full charges and fits right into any bag or even a fanny pack or purse.

    Lipstick-Sized Portable Charger

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  • 6. Quick-Dry Travel Towel

    I love this travel towel because it dries way faster than a regular towel! It’s perfect for taking on trips since you can get it wet, then practically toss it right back into your bag afterward.

    travel towel

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  • 7. Waterproof Phone Case

    There are some beautiful water destinations to see in Utah. I never go to any body of water without protecting my phone first. This waterproof phone case is perfect because it’s universal, and you can use the screen without taking your phone out.

    Waterproof Phone Case

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  • 8. Cooling Towel

    Utah has some particularly hot (and dry) summers. Anytime you are hiking, camping, or even just taking a walk, this cooling towel is the perfect way to cool down. Simply dip the towel in chilled water, and drape it around your neck for up to 60 minutes of cooling relief.

    cooling towel

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  • 9. LifeStraw Water Bottle

    Water can be tricky, especially if you are hiking, at a campground, or walking around cities. With the LifeStraw water bottle, you can fill up anywhere, and the straw will filter out 99.9% of all bad bacteria. It’s perfect for making sure all your drinking water is safe and clean.

    LifeStraw Water Bottle

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  • 10. Neck Wallet

    To make sure your important bank cards, IDs, and cash is all in one secure place, keep the neck wallet on you at all times. The zippered compartments help keep things organized and secured.

    Neck Wallet

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  • 11. Hanging Toiletry Bag

    The easiest way to carry your toiletries around is in this hanging toiletry bag. It’s so convenient, holds everything you need for short or long trips, and easily hangs on the wall for out-of-the-way access.

    Hanging Toiletry Bag

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  • 12. Tent

    Much of Utah has some beautiful camping. If you are taking a Utah trip, you should definitely consider going camping for at least one night. This tent is the perfect tent to bring along with you.


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  • 13. Travel Insurance

    Any time you are traveling, I highly recommend getting travelers’ insurance. Anything you book or reserve, any money you spend, or if in the unfortunate case that something gets stolen, everything is covered with this insurance. We recommend to compare policies from top companies and find a plan that best suits you.

    Travel Insurance

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  • 14. Bug Spray

    In the warm weather and during the spring and fall, the bugs are thick in a lot of areas in Utah. Bug spray is a must! This natural option is DEET-free and smells great.

    Bug Spray

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  • 15. Binoculars

    There is SO much to see everywhere around Utah. Don’t miss out on anything, and always have binoculars ready! Be ready to experience wildlife up close. These binoculars are lightweight making them easy to carry when hiking in case of any wildlife encounters.

    Lightweight binoculars

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  • 16. First Aid Kit

    For any outdoor trip, I always have a first aid kit on hand. You never know when you may need a quick fix or a life-saving wrap! This first aid kit is well-equipped so that you’ll be prepared in case of any accidents.

    First Aid Kit

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  • 17. 4 Season Sleeping Bag

    Since the weather in Utah can fluctuate so rapidly, I highly recommend having this 4 season’s sleeping bag. It’s a great item to have in your car or backpack, just in case.

    4 Season Sleeping Bag

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What to Wear in Utah

For most outdoor activities in Utah, you’ll want comfortable, moisture-wicking clothing. Make sure to have quality gear, layers, and clothing that you feel most comfortable in. For visiting any city, you can wear a comfortable pair of jeans, even dresses or button-ups, for dining at any nice restaurant!

Although Utah is known for being extremely dry during the later spring, summer, and early fall, there is plenty of snow during the winter season and some rain during the spring and late fall, so pack accordingly.

What Should WOMEN Wear in Utah? – (Click to expand)
Below is a sample women’s clothing list. (All items link to for your convenience).

Women dressing for Utah will feel most comfortable in lightweight, sporty attire. Clothing that is comfortable, breathable, and easy to layer with is perfect for Utah trips. Much of the activities in Utah are outdoors based, so your clothing should be too! For town visits, regular casual clothing is completely fine.

What Should MEN Wear in Utah? – (Click to expand)
Below is a sample men’s clothing list. (All items link to for your convenience).

Men’s fashion in Utah is very similar to women’s. Men can wear clothing that they are comfortable in and good for doing outdoor, sporty things. Depending on the season, you may want to layer up or stay in as few layers as possible! If you are visiting in the spring or the late fall, you’ll want some rain gear.

Packing for the Seasons in Utah

Winter – December, January, February

If you are planning on going to Utah in the winter, make sure you pack warmly! There is no lack of fun winter activities in Utah. You can go winter hiking, do lots of skiing or snowboarding, or go for some epic ice climbing. Daily temperatures can fall anywhere between 0-40 degrees, with the nights being anywhere in between that. They can even get below freezing!

Whatever the adventure may be, you’ll want some warm base layers. Wool socks, warm shirts, fleeces, winter jackets, insulated winter pants, and quality winter boots. Definitely don’t forget warm hats, scarves, and gloves.

Spring – March, April, May

Spring in Utah tends to still have its cold moments, though it’s starting to warm up. Early spring is prone to frigid temperatures. However, once April and May come around, the flowers start to bloom, and it is a beautiful time of year! If you are looking to beat hiking and camping crowds, this is the time to go. March tends to be particularly rainy, so keep that in mind. Average daily temperatures in the spring can be anywhere from 30-60 degrees and anywhere in between at night.

Since spring weather can fluctuate so much, bring clothes that you can take off and layer with. T-shirts, sweaters, jeans, and sneakers are all good for spring attire. Since this is the time of year when rain is most likely to happen, pack a good quality rain jacket and rain boots as well.

Summer – June, July, August

A complete opposite of Utah’s winters, the summers in Utah are extremely warm. Being considered a desert state, the summers are hot and extremely dry. However, the summers are a great time for camping and for visiting lakes and rivers. Take caution about doing certain activities in the summer, like hiking. It is highly advised NOT to go hiking when the weather is above 90-95. Always bring lots of water. Average day temperatures are usually from 85-105, with nights being around 70.

Loose, lightweight clothing is important for Utah summers. Breathable shorts, tank topsa, and waterproof sandals are great summer wear. For nice evenings out, loose summer dresses and button-ups are appropriate. You’ll most likely be stopping at one of Utah’s wonderful water holes, so bring a swimsuit too. Make sure you have quality sunscreen and bug sprays with you for any summer Utah trip! You’ll also want a sun hat and sunglasses.

Fall – September, October, November

As things start to cool down again, many of the outdoor activities become easier and a bit more fun. Fall is such a gorgeous time in Utah as the foliage lights up the mountains, making hiking so much more fun. The daily fall temperatures usually fall between 75-50. Nightly temperatures are around 50-40.

Layers are a good thing to have in the fall. You can most likely get away with wearing shorts for a while, then bring pants and a sweatshirt for the evenings. You may want a warmer jacket, just in case. Although you may not need them, hats may be handy as well. The chance of rain is pretty slim in fall, though the weather does start to pick up around November, so pack a rain jacket just in case.

Dressing Appropriately for the Activity – (Click to expand)
Hiking: There are over 3,000 hiking trails all around Utah. Between the five national parks located in the state, there are so many places to hike to! Each hike is beautiful and unique, and they are all beautiful. Be advised that summer in Utah can get very hot, and people are warned to steer away from camping when the weather is above 95. No matter what, always bring a good supply of water!

All the hikes are different in Utah, and depending on what time of year you are hiking in, it can be very cold or very hot. Always pack with layers. Wear base layer shirts (for cold protection and for sun protection), hiking pants or shorts, quality hiking shoes, and good sun protection like sun hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen. You’ll definitely want bug spray as ell. Merino wool socks are highly recommended.

Snow Sports: Utah is one of the most popular states for snow sports! From snowboarding, and skiing, to ice climbing, and snowshoeing, there is a vast variety of snow sports to do and many places to do them at!

In any snowy area, layers are extremely important. You’ll want a base layer shirt and pants, along with sweaters, snow pants, and waterproof boots. Hats, gloves, scarves, and face coverings, like balaclavas, are all important to wear in the cold. Don’t forget sunscreen too! Even though it’s not hot, those winter suns beaming off the snow can cause some serious face burns.

Camping: Along with camping in the national parks, much of the public land in Utah is open to tent camping. There are some beautiful camping spots inside places like Zion national park, Moab, or any BLM land around the state.

Depending on the season, you’ll want many layers or no layers at all! During the summer, you’ll want tank tops and shorts, sandals, and possibly lightweight hiking shoes if you plan on doing any hiking. I like to have shoes I can take on and off quickly for hanging around the campsite, like moccasins. During the colder months, you’ll want a jacket, insulated pants, wool socks, and comfortable footwear. sunscreen for all seasons and bug spray is super important for camping in Utah.

Food and Nightlife: Although Utah is known for being more of an outdoor activity hub, there are still some great places to eat and have a fun night out! Salt Lake City, Ogden, Logan, and Provo, are some of Utah’s great cities to find great food and fun nightlife.

For visiting Utah’s restaurants, or bars, a casual dress or button-up would be perfect. You can also wear jeans, simple shirts, sweaters, and sandals or boots. For the colder seasons, pack a light jacket to wear before heading inside.

What NOT to Bring to Utah

  • 1.DON’T Bring Only Warm Weather Clothes

    Due to its desert landscape, many people don’t realize how cold Utah gets in the winter. It’s an excellent location for skiing, actually! So if you plan on visiting in the fall or winter, be sure to bring warm layers.

  • 2.DON’T Bring Glass

    Not only is it heavy to carry, but it is also a pain when it breaks. For any outdoor trip, or just even having it in your car, glass is not the way to go. Stick to cans or plastic.

  • 3.DON’T Bring Bulky Luggage

    There is no need to over-pack. Bring only what you really need to save room and so that you don’t have to haul a bunch of stuff around.

  • 4.DON’T Bring Expensive Jewelry

    It’s far too heartbreaking to lose jewelry that has value. It is best to leave these things at home instead of taking the risk of losing or damaging it.

  • 5.DON’T Bring Excessive Cash

    Most everywhere now accepts cards. Don’t bother lugging around cash for your whole trip to Utah. It’s unlikely you’ll need much, and you don’t want to risk losing it.

  • 6.DON’T Bring a Traditional Towel

    Bath and beach towels are bulky and take up valuable packing space. If you need a towel for day trips, better take a travel towel. They’re compact and dry way faster.

What NOT to Wear in Utah – (Click to expand)
Before heading out on your Utah trip, try planning what you’ll be doing. Don’t pack dress clothing or expensive jewelry if you are planning on sticking to outdoor activities. If you don’t want certain clothing to risk getting ruined, stained, or lost, you should leave those items at home. Expensive or precious jewelry should probably stay safe at home as well.

FAQs about Visiting Utah

  • 1. What national parks are in Utah?

    What national parks are in Utah?

    There are 5 of some of the most beautiful national parks in Utah. They are

    • Bryce Canyon
    • Arches
    • Zion
    • Capitol Reef
    • Canyonlands
  • 2. A must-see while driving through Utah?

    There are so many things to see in Utah. It can be hard to see them all in one trip! Some must-sees include the salt flats, Zion national park, and Arches national park. Highway 12 in southern Utah is a beautiful drive that runs through Bryce Canyon and Dixie national park.

  • 3. Is Utah a dog-friendly state?

    Is Utah a dog-friendly state

    Truthfully, Utah is not the most dog-friendly state in the country. The leash laws are very strict, and there are very few places where dogs are even allowed to roam. In cities, it can be hard to find any restaurants or hotels that allow dogs inside. While the average person in Utah may love dogs, the state laws do not. It is probably best to leave your pets at home for this trip.

  • 4. What are some of the best snow sports places in Utah?

    There are so many mountains and ski resorts scattered across Utah. Here are just some of the most popular ones in the state.

    • Deer Valley
    • Snowbasin
    • Snowbird
    • Powder Mountain
    • Park City
  • 5. Where is the best hiking in Utah?

    Where is the best hiking in Utah?

    Since there are five national parks and so much in between, Utah has an unbelievable amount of amazing hiking trails. I will list 5 of my favorites below.

    • Delicate Arch- Arches National Park
    • Mossy Cave Trail- Bryce Canyon
    • The Subway- Zion National Park
    • Kanarraville Falls- Kanarraville UT
    • Emerald Pools- Zion National Park
  • 6. What are some good swimming spots in Utah?

    There are plenty of wonderful swimming spots in Utah. From lakes to rivers to gorgeous waterfalls, there is a lot to explore! Here are some of my favorite swimming holes in Utah.

    • Pineview Reservoir- Ogden, UT
    • Red Cliffs Campground- Hurricane, UT
    • Toquerville Falls- La Verkin, UT
    • Mona Rope Swings- Provo, UT
    • Fifth Water Hot Springs- Springville, UT
  • 7. How big is Utah?

    How big is Utah?

    Utah is one of the larger states. There are 3 million people living in Utah, and the state covers about 84,900 miles. Utah is one of the “four corners” states. Meaning one of the corners of Utah touches with a corner of Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico. Where the corners meet is actually a tourist destination and a really cool spot if you have the chance to check it out!