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17 Top Toronto Packing List Items for 2024 + What to Wear & NOT to Bring

What to pack for Toronto
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Toronto is a bustling city in northeastern Canada, facing the sparkling waters of Lake Ontario. Between Toronto’s sports teams, its landmarks like the staggering CN Tower, and the historic Casa Loma, one of the only castles in North America, Toronto is a diverse travel destination with a lot to offer.

Toronto’s walkability and distinct seasons make your packing list all the more important as you prepare for your trip. Below you’ll find essential packing list items to bring on your trip to Canada’s biggest city, what NOT to bring there, and some frequently asked questions about Toronto.

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What to Pack for Toronto - 17 Essentials

  • 1. Packing Cubes

    Packing cubes offer the perfect organization for your suitcase. This 5-piece set comes in different sizes so you can fit anything from thick sweatshirts to several t-shirts in one cube. You’ll need to pack a lot of layers for your trip to Toronto, and these packing cubes are ideal for saving space.

    Packing Cubes

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  • 2. Portable Charger

    Toronto is a walkable city with a well-connected public transportation system. You’ll be using a lot of phone battery life while you’re on foot, navigating maps and looking up places to go. This mini portable charger will keep your phone alive during your trip and fits nicely in a bag or your pocket. Just remember to charge it up at the end of each day so it’s ready for the next!

    Portable Charger

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  • 3. Virtual Private Network (VPN)

    Securing a VPN will protect your online privacy as you connect to different public WiFi spots in Toronto. A VPN encrypts all your information, including your search history and saved credit card information, so hackers won’t be able to find it. Using a VPN also lets you keep using your home country’s streaming services and other sites that are normally blocked without a VPN.

    Virtual Private Network (VPN)

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  • 4. Neck Wallet

    To avoid pickpockets, the safest place you can keep your valuables is where you can see them. The neck wallet is compact but still has space for your passport, identification, and cards. It has a long strap attached to it so you can wear it comfortably as a crossbody or around your neck.

    Neck Wallet

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  • 5. Life Straw Water Bottle

    This self-filtering water bottle is a must-have as you travel through airports and explore Toronto. Using a self-filtering bottle like this will save you money so you don’t have to keep buying plastic water bottles throughout your trip, and it’s environmentally friendly.

    Lifestraw Water Bottle

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  • 6. Windproof Travel Umbrella

    Although it’s not as rainy as on Canada’s west coast, there’s always a chance of rain throughout the year in Toronto. With a breeze from Lake Ontario and pockets of wind gusts between Toronto’s enormous skyscrapers, a windproof travel umbrella will be useful when you need it most.

    Windproof Travel Umbrella

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  • 7. Hanging Toiletry Bag

    A toiletry bag is always a necessity when traveling, and this foldable, hanging toiletry bag is efficient for both your suitcase and your hotel room. It has three different zip-up compartments with room to hold all of your cosmetics and toiletries. The bag’s waterproof material will help keep all your belongings dry as you travel, too.

    Hanging Toiletry Bag

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  • 8. Quick-Dry Travel Towel

    You’ll be happy to have a quick-dry towel with you in a lot of random travel situations. Whether you need to dry off a park bench or get caught in the rain, a quick-dry towel will have you covered. The towel linked here comes with a small drawstring bag making it easy to fit into your bag.

    travel towel

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  • 9. Daypack

    This mini backpack comes in fun colors and is practical yet stylish, perfect for Toronto. It’s compact but big enough to fit things like your wallet, electronics, and other small essentials. It’s also the perfect personal bag to bring with you on flights!


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  • 10. Cooling Towel

    Toronto is a concrete jungle, and the sidewalks can soak up the heat as the weather warms up. You’ll be walking around a lot, so a cooling towel will help you refresh on the go. You can dip the towel into water and wrap it around your arms, wipe your face, or put it around your neck to cool off. It can hold onto water for up to an hour.

    cooling towel

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  • 11. Travel cable organizer bag

    While you’re on the plane or settling into your accommodations, a travel cable organizer is one of the best ways to keep track of all your cords. This organizer has separate zip-up pouches where you can put each cord and keep them from getting tangled or lost. The bag is thin and folds in half for easy packing.

    Travel cable organizer bag

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  • 12. Universal Travel Adapter

    Canada uses the same electrical outlets as the United States. For anyone traveling from outside of the United States, you’ll likely need a wall adapter to make sure all of your plug-in items work in Canada. With the universal travel adapter linked here, you can re-use it for your other world travels, too.

    Power Adaptor

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  • 13. Travel Insurance

    Navigating the fine print of insurance can be daunting. Even if you have health insurance, there are a lot of specifics about where it applies or whether it covers travel. Buying travel insurance for your trip to Toronto will give you peace of mind that you’re covered in a range of travel situations from missing luggage to emergency hospital visits in a foreign country.

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  • 14. Mini First-Aid Kit

    This mini first-aid kit comes with 27 basic medical pieces you might need on your trip. Other small first-aid kits you’ll find online aren’t as compact or packable as this one. It also comes in a crush-proof metal case.

    Mini First-Aid Kit

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  • 15. Face Sunscreen

    Although the weather changes drastically in Canada, the UV index can be high without realizing it, even when you’re bundled up in the cold winter. Your face will be the most exposed to the elements, and this sensitive skin face sunscreen will help protect you from unexpected sunburns or peeling.

    Face Sunscreen

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  • 16. Hand Cream

    You can fit this travel-size hand cream into any of your bags as you’re traveling throughout Toronto. If you’re from a different climate and not used to Toronto’s four intense seasons, your skin might need to adjust to the change in weather. Keeping your hands moisturized regularly will help prevent uncomfortable, cracked skin during your trip.

    Hand Cream

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  • 17. Deodorant Wipes

    These deodorant wipes come in individually-wrapped packs so you can grab one and slip it into your bag while you’re out and about in Toronto. You can apply them to freshen up between activities. These wipes are also great for people with sensitive skin.

    Deodorant Wipes

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What to Wear in Toronto

Toronto has four distinct seasons, but the standard of casual style with layers remains the same. From late fall to early spring, wearing heavy layers like a coat, beanie, and thick scarf is essential. Toronto’s warm weather calls for lighter layers like a denim jacket, short sleeve t-shirt, and jeans.

You’ll be doing a lot of walking through the city, so whether you’re packing sneakers for the summer or boots in the winter, they’ll need to be comfortable. In general, casual streetwear is the fashion trend in Toronto. You should bring clothes that are versatile enough to mix and match, and items that you can either dress down for the day or dress up at night. No high heels or formal attire is necessary!

What Women Should Wear in the Toronto- (Click to expand)

Below is a sample women’s clothing list.(All items link to for your convenience).

What women should wear in Toronto will depend on the season, but women can always plan to bring a lot of solid-colored layers and comfortable streetwear. Local women in Toronto have perfected the laid-back city looks. If you want to blend in, wear jeans, neutral-colored sneakers, a tee, sunglasses, and a light scarf. For a Toronto cold-weather look, opt for combat-style boots, long jeans, a flattering peacoat, and a beanie to keep warm. No matter which season you visit, you’ll also want to pack a flannel to embrace the Canadian look!

For a night out, you won’t need stilettos or designer labels. You can dress up your outfits with bold earrings, a leather jacket, and a nice pair of booties.

What Men Should Wear in the Toronto- (Click to expand)

Below is a sample men’s clothing list.(All items link to for your convenience).

What men should wear in Canada doesn’t differ much from the recommendations for women. Layering comfortable clothes appropriate for the weather and packing accessories like caps, beanies, and scarves will add a practical yet stylish touch to your outfits.

Warmer weather calls for shorts, sneakers, and a front pocket t-shirt, and winter outfits revolve around a thick jacket, warm scarf, and boots. At night, wearing a nice flannel, a watch, and lace-up boots is a popular way for men to dress up an outfit in Toronto.

Packing for the Seasons

SPRING – March, April, May

Spring in Toronto stays cold in March and gets cool and comfortable closer to May. The temperatures can be pleasant on a sunny day, but you should plan for the weather to drop by 10 to 15 degrees at night. Although it’s a break from the intense winter weather, you’ll still need to bring a few warm layers that are easy to take on and off, like a sweatshirt and scarf. If you’re visiting during the first half of spring, a light puffer jacket will give you extra warmth. Stick to long pants and closed-toe boots and sneakers this time of year, too.

Temperatures average between 35℉ and 60℉ (2℃ and 15℃) as it moves from early to late spring.

SUMMER – June, July, August

Summers in Toronto are warm and mostly sunny, and July is the hottest month of the year. Since it’s warm but there’s a chance of rain during your visit, you should pack a lightweight rain jacket. Shorts, jeans, sunglasses, and comfortable shoes are essentials in the summer. Short-sleeve shirts that you can layer with a denim jacket are perfect for the cooler evenings.

Temperatures average between 66℉ and 72℉ (19℃ and 22℃) in the summer but keep in mind that July can get up to a hot 80℉ (27℃).

FALL – September, October, November

Fall is a beautiful time of year in Toronto. The weather is cool and feels much colder in the evenings, dipping anywhere between 10 and 20 degrees when the sun goes down. Near the beginning of the fall season, you can wear t-shirts mixed with light layers like a denim jacket or fleece jacket. You should add more winter-friendly clothes if you visit later in the fall, so think of long-sleeve shirts, sweaters, and a puffer jacket.

Temperatures move from an average of 65℉ in September to 42℉ by the end of November (18℃ and 6℃).

WINTER – December, January, February

Compared to the rest of Canada, Toronto’s winters are considered mild. But for most out-of-town visitors, Toronto is very cold, getting down to negative temperatures some winter nights. The wind chill and snow this time of year can also add to the frigid conditions. A good face moisturizer will go a long way as you’re exposed to the cold elements. You’ll want to pack plenty of thick layers like long pants, wool socks, a heavy puffer jacket with a hood, or a thick peacoat with a sweatshirt underneath. Scarves, beanies, and gloves are also must-have accessories this time of year.

Temperatures average 32℉ in December and continue dropping to 26℉ in February (0℃ and -3℃).

Dressing appropriately for the activity– (Click to expand)
Nightlife: Toronto nightlife attire isn’t too formal. Year-round, Toronto cools off by at least 10 degrees at night, so stylish leather boots and a nice top with jeans are a great, weather-appropriate evening look. Simple accessories like a watch or a leather jacket can dress up your outfit, too.

Sightseeing in the city: Neutral sneakers, jeans, and a simple V-neck make for the perfect casual look for exploring Toronto. You can look like a local by wearing a flannel unbuttoned over your V-neck.

Ice skating: Since you’ll be active and moving around while you’re ice skating, you’ll want to wear a lot of layers. Start with lighter ones like a long-sleeve shirt and add a fleece sweatshirt, peacoat, and scarf. You can always take off a layer if you’re feeling warm.

What NOT to Bring to Toronto

  • 1.DON’T Bring Bug Spray

    Common bugs like mosquitos are tucked away in Canada’s more wooded areas. Since you’ll be in the big city, you don’t need to worry about packing bug spray for your trip to Toronto.

  • 2.DON’T Bring Oversized Backpacks or Handbags

    While you’re traveling to Toronto you should opt for lightweight bags. You’ll be walking around the city often, so less is more when it comes to purses, backpacks, and suitcases.

  • 3.DON’T Bring Hiking Gear

    If you plan to stay in Toronto for your entire trip to Canada, you don’t need to pack any hiking gear. There are a few urban parks and small trails you can find in the city, but a pair of comfortable sneakers or tennis shoes is all you will need.

  • 4.DON’T Bring Bathing Suits

    Even at the height of summer in Toronto, there aren’t many places to go swimming aside from a hotel pool.

  • 5.DON’T Bring Too Many Warm Weather Clothes

    Temperatures tend to cool off by 10 to 20 degrees after sunset in Toronto. During the summer, you will still need light layers like a sweatshirt at night. You won’t need any more than a few tank tops even in July, the hottest month in Toronto.

  • 6.DON’T Bring Unnecessary Valuables

    Attire is pretty casual in Toronto and packing excessive valuables like designer purses or extravagant jewelry may only draw unwanted attention from pickpockets. You can dress up your outfits with simple jewelry such as a watch, earrings, or necklace instead.

What NOT to Wear in Toronto – (Click to expand)
Like any trip to a big city like Toronto, you can avoid bringing shoes that are uncomfortable or give you blisters if you wear them for too long. You’ll do a lot of activities on foot and will likely be traveling without a rental car, thanks to Toronto’s excellent public transportation. You can also avoid formal clothes like high heels for women and dress pants for men. Toronto is trendy and casual, so you can wear comfortable looks that are as edgy as you want them to be.

FAQs about Traveling to Toronto

  • 1. When is the best time of year to visit Toronto?

    When is the best time of year to visit Toronto?

    One of the best times of year to visit Toronto is from May to June as the city warms up after the cold winter but still isn’t too hot. For travelers who want to see the leaves change from green to orange and red hues, early fall from September to October is a colorful time of year to visit Toronto. The weather is cool and pleasant before the snowy conditions set in.

    If a different time frame works better for your schedule, Toronto still has plenty to offer year-round. From ice skating in the wintertime to cultural festivals in late summer, Toronto is always busy.

  • 2. What is the best neighborhood to stay in?

    For walkability and proximity to Toronto’s main attractions, the Entertainment District is one of the most popular places to stay. You’re close to the heart of downtown Toronto as well as the harbor. Hip neighborhoods surrounding the artsy Kensington Market are also an excellent option for travelers that are looking for something unique. Some of the best areas to stay around here are Queen West and Chinatown.

  • 3. What are the best things to do in Toronto?

    What are the best things to do in Toronto?

    There is a lot to see and do in Toronto, but one of the best ways to start is by seeing Toronto’s most iconic landmarks on a city tour bus or a walking tour. After that, you can decide if you want to revisit one of the landmarks more in-depth by going to the top of the CN Tower or taking a tour inside Casa Loma, for example.
    Some of the other best things to do in Toronto include going to a hockey game, lakefront dining, and ice skating in the winter. Shopping, trying Toronto’s international restaurants, and going out at night are also popular activities year-round.

  • 4. Are there outdoor activities in Toronto?

    Toronto has almost a dozen well-kept green spaces in the downtown area that are ideal for picnics. You can also find urban beaches along Lake Ontario. Niagara Falls is about 1.5 hours away from Toronto, too, so you can also plan a day trip to the falls.

  • 5. How do I get around Toronto?

    How do I get around Toronto?

    You can get around the city center on foot and use Toronto’s efficient public transportation system. They offer bus and train routes across the city and into the suburbs. Ride-booking services and taxis are also easy to find. You can definitely get by without a car rental in Toronto. Toronto has all of the options so it’s really just up to you and the way you prefer to get around when visiting a new place.

  • 6. What are the best foods to eat in Toronto?

    Restaurants across the city serve one of Canada’s favorite dishes called poutine. It’s a french fry dish with toppings like cheese curds, bacon, and gravy. Chinese food is also amazing in Toronto, and you can’t go wrong by heading to the Chinatown neighborhood for authentic cuisine.

  • 7. Where is the best nightlife in Toronto?

    Where is the best nightlife in Toronto?

    The King West and Queen West areas of Toronto always have bustling nightlife. You can find a mix of places to choose from, whether it’s a classy cocktail bar set in a historic building or a bumping two-story nightclub. Toronto is a big city so there’s something for everyone.

  • 8. Where are the best places to go shopping in Toronto?

    Toronto has an impressive amount of shops that fit every interest. You can find vintage clothing stores and secondhand shops in and around Kensington Market. For a mega-mall experience, the CF Toronto Eaton Centre and Yorkdale Shopping Centre are massive, each housing hundreds of internationally-loved stores.

  • 9. What are the best sports teams to watch in Toronto?

    What are the best sports teams to watch in Toronto?

    The Toronto Blue Jays Major League Baseball team plays at the Rogers Centre, and on a nice day, the roof opens, giving you views of the Toronto skyline behind the field. The Toronto Maple Leafs hockey team has won the Stanley Cup championship more than a dozen times, and the Toronto Raptors basketball team is also fun to watch in person.

  • 10. Are there museums in Toronto?

    As the biggest city in Canada, Toronto is home to dozens of museums. Some of the most popular ones are the Hockey Hall of Fame Museum, the Royal Ontario Museum, and the Art Gallery of Toronto.