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22 Top California Packing List Items for 2024 + What NOT to Bring

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Hi all, my name is Lyric Fergusson, and California is my home state! LA is where I was born, and where I spent a good part of my twenties. My husband Asher and I were also married in the beautiful Ojai Mountains. California is known for its epic and wide variety of landscapes. You’ll have the option to explore everything from desert to beaches, cities to mountains!

Check out our California packing list, and tailor it to your specific needs! You’ll also find tips for what NOT to pack, and what to wear in California.

Asher and Lyric jet skiing in Santa Barbara, CA
Asher and Lyric jet skiing in Santa Barbara, CA
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What to Pack for California – 22 Essentials

  • 1. Quick-Dry Travel Towel

    A microfiber towel is one of the most useful things you can bring with you to California. With all the time you’ll be spending outdoors, by the ocean, and exploring in general, you’ll find so many different ways to use a towel like this. They’re great for drying off, wiping off sweat, and sitting on whether you’re by the beach or in the mountains. Microfiber towels dry super fast, are small and easy to pack, and repel odors, dirt, and sand.

    HERO Travel Towel - Blue

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  • 2. Stylish Flats

    No matter which part of California you’re visiting, you’ll be doing a lot of walking. Make sure to bring a super comfortable pair of flats that you can spend all day in without your feet killing you. I personally own and love these shoes – I wear them everywhere and I get a ton of compliments on them. They’re the most comfortable flats I’ve ever owned, and they spice up any outfit.

    Stylish Flats

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  • 3. Packing Cubes

    One of the tougher things about packing for California is that it has such varying climates depending on where you’re going, and depending on the season. You’ll want to pack plenty of layers, but you won’t want them to take up a huge portion of your suitcase. Enter: packing cubes. These multi-sized zippable pouches keep me organized, and compress my items into manageable sizes and shapes. They make packing much easier, and I always know where everything is.

    Available on with an exclusive 15% discount using the coupon code “HERO”.

    Packing Cubes

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  • 4. Lipstick-Sized Charger

    Navigating California can be a bit intimidating and there is nothing worse than walking around Melrose with a dead cell phone and no idea how to get back to your car! This little beauty holds multiple charges for my devices, is as tiny as a tube of lipstick, and uses standard USB cables to power up my items easily and quickly, even while tucked safely away in my daybag! I love it, and don’t travel without it.

    Lipstick-Sized Charger

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  • 5. Cooling Towel

    One of the nicest things about California is the sunshine, but it can get hot and uncomfortable too. Whether you are lounging by the beach or hiking out in nature, I would suggest bringing a cooling towel along. They’re small and lightweight so they easily fit in a purse or backpack. The cooling towel is chemical free. All you need to activate its cooling properties is to get it wet, wring it out, and it instantly becomes 20-30 degrees cooler than the outside temperature.

    towel pink

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  • 6. Gorgeous Outfit

    LA fashion is like the lovechild between Miami and NYC, and San Francisco is it’s slightly more conservative cousin. For going out in the evening, this dress works great in both Northern and Southern CA venues. I personally own this dress and adore it – it’s perfect for dinner and dancing or going to a club, and can easily be worn off-the-shoulder or over the shoulders. It’s universally flattering (check out the Amazon pictures), and comes in quite a few cute colors.

    Gorgeous Outfit

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  • 7. Neck Wallet

    When you’re traveling it’s always useful to have a neck wallet even if you’re going some place where pick-pocketing isn’t a big concern. It’s easy to misplace things when you’re on the go. I like to use a neck wallet no matter the destination to keep my ID or passport, cash, bank cards, and phone together in one safe place. You’ll be less likely to misplace things when they all have a designated space in this zippered neck wallet.

    Neck Wallet

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  • 8. Virtual Private Network (VPN)

    You’ll want to take advantage of all of the free WiFi you can so that you don’t have to worry about data and roaming charges. However, did you know that using public Wifi is actually very risky to your personal and financial information? Hackers often “haunt” free connections to attempt to steal this kind of data from unprotected individuals. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is an incredibly easy and affordable way to protect your information. With a touch of a button on your device, a VPN like NordVPN adds an extra layer of encryption to shield your data from hackers, thereby keeping your identity and financial info safe.

    My husband had his credit card information stolen while using WiFi in Paris, and now we both use it everywhere we go – foreign or domestic! It’s also very handy when we’re in countries that block certain parts of the internet, as the VPN allows us to access those areas without the country-specific restrictions.

    Virtual Private Network (VPN)

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  • 9. Universal Waterproof Phone Case

    California beaches are fantastic and you wont want to miss a few days soaking up the sun. This super affordable waterproof cell phone case is perfect to bring because it will save your phone from the water and sand, but the touch screen still works well so you can use your phone normally. ALSO please don’t forget if you are heading to theme parks like Disneyland, Universal Studios, Six Flags etc. there are many rides where you will get WET. And you will want to keep your devices safe and dry. This waterproof case is hands down the best solution.

    Waterproof Phone Case

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  • 10. Waterproof Camera

    This is really an ideal camera for the beach, plus any activity where you’ll be getting wet but still want quality pictures and video. We use ours during water sports, and can even use it to get great underwater video with sound!

    Waterproof Camera

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  • 11. Cross-Body Bag

    A purse like this one is great to have along in case you are making a quick stop at a cafe, or doing some light shopping. It’s big enough for your wallet and cell, but not too big to lug around if you don’t need to bring too much. Man bags, too, are actually pretty popular in California, just because of the connivence, and I love this one by Zicac.

    Cross-Body Bag

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  • 12. Swimsuit Cover-Up

    Swimsuit cover-ups are an easy, fashionable way to avoid having to wear a soggy towel around while you dry off or hang by the pool. Another thing to think about is that California beach towns are really casual so you could totally slip this on over your swimsuit and go out to lunch without changing. I love mine – it retains its shape even when wet, it’s very flattering, and is super cute.

    Swimsuit Cover-Up

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  • 13. Daypack

    In Californion cities such as LA or San Fran you will be driving a decent amount, and often it’s incredibly difficult to find parking. Once you find a spot you wont want to move your car, and you won’t want to keep going back to it for things like water, snacks, your camera, your sunscreen, etc. A stylish daybag like this one is a great way to keep everything on hand. If you’re doing more active rigorous activities, you may also like this Venture Pal daypack which folds into a tiny pouch.


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  • 14. Facial Spray

    Your skin might go haywire while you’re traveling. Between putting your skin through hours in recycled airplane air to smoggy LA sidewalks, your face is going to need some extra care. This moisturizing spray will spruce you up and keep your skin glowing and healthy.

    Facial Spray

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  • 15. Windproof Travel Umbrella

    If you plan on visiting certain cities in California that usually get a bit of rain like San Francisco, it’s a good idea to bring a travel umbrella along just in case you encounter a rainy day or two. I’m a big fan of this umbrella because not only is it compact and easy to travel with, but it’s also really well-made so it’ll last you a long time.

    Hero Umbrella

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  • 16. RFID-blocking Wallet

    It’s a big of a sad truth… but from growing up in LA I know how important it is to be street-smart. Scams happen, theft happens, and the best way to avoid them is to be prepared. An RFID-blocking wallet is a great way to protect your personal and financial information, I would be sure to use it if you are going clubbing or in a touristy area where theft is most likely to happen.

    RFID-blocking Wallet

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  • 17. Hanging Toiletry Bag

    We love our hanging toiletry bags. And this one can only be described as “SEXY.” I don’t think I’ve ever had a love affair with a toiletry bag until I met this one. It makes it so easy to quickly find what you’re looking for without having to rummage through a disorganized bag or case. We also found that it holds on to our toiletry items so they don’t fall, roll around, and get lost when we’re in our accommodations. It’s great for both men and women.

    hanging toiletry bag

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  • 18. Flexible Tripod

    A tripod is surprisingly handy, and can make taking pictures of yourself and your whole family much easier. I like that this flexible tripod allows me to mount my camera onto almost any surface for just the right photo distance and angle!

    Flexible Tripod

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  • 19. Filtered Water Bottle

    In California – especially in touristy places – they really overcharge for water. I strongly recommend against drinking California tap water – it’s horrible. To avoid being charged $5 for a tiny bottle of Evian I always bring this filtered water bottle by Brita. I refill it at drinking fountains, and with it I’m confident that the water I’m drinking is safer and tastier.

    water bottle

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  • 20. Dry Bag

    A dry bag is an essential item that I always bring with me when going to a beach or anywhere there’s even a small chance my belongings will get wet. Hiking, surfing, paddleboarding, riding rides at theme parks, and other activities all expose personal items to water. A dry bag seals them all away from harm, and can either be carried on its own via the strap or tucked into my daybag.

    Dry Bag

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  • 21. Travel Insurance for California

    Petty theft is a problem anywhere, but California does have a few patches where it’s worse than most. There’s also a risk of canceled reservations, lost luggage, or other issues whenever you travel. Travel insurance is always a good idea – experienced travelers don’t travel without it. We like to use because we can compare plans from the top companies to find the one that best fits us and our travel plans.

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  • 22. Universal Travel Adapter

    If you’re visiting California from outside of North America then you’ll most likely need a travel adapter. Getting a universal adapter is the best option because you can use it just about anywhere in the world instead of having to buy separate ones for each country.

    Universal power adapter

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What to Wear in California

The trends in California lean toward laid back and casual. Make sure to bring extra underwear and socks. During the warmer months, pack sundresses, shorts or and short-sleeve shirts. During the cooler months, bring pants, long-sleeve shirts, a sweater, and a jacket. Pack clothing of neutral color palettes that can be mixed and matched with other pieces.

What NOT to Take to California

  • 1.Flammables

  • 2.Firearms

  • 3.Sharp objects

  • 4.Liquids (unless you follow the liquids rule)

  • 5.Household tools

  • 6.Camping equipment

  • 7.Medical tools

  • 8.Various miscellaneous items

FAQs About Traveling in California:

  • 1. What’s the best time of year to go to California?

    If hitting the beach is part of your vacation plans then May through October is your best bet, as those months are best for mild but warm temperatures. For downhill skiing, snowboarding, and cross-country skiing, the months of December, January, and February are the best due to their cooler temps.

  • 2. How can I protect myself against the sun in California?

    Bring your sun gear. Pack sunscreen with a high SPF, a pair of sunglasses with ultraviolet protection, and a cap or sunhat. Sun protection is necessary in California throughout the whole year!

  • 3. How can I capture all my California Trip memories?

    Bring a camera or video camera with an extra battery to capture the special moments of your trip. If your batteries are rechargeable, make sure you bring the charger!

  • 4. I want to go on a California road trip. How do I decide my destinations?

    Any of the National Parks are a great option for helping guide a road trip itinerary.

    Another fun option is to go from southern Cali to northern Cali, or vice versa!

  • 5. Why take a road trip to California instead of flying?

    Getting there is half the fun. If you’re traveling with a companion, you’ll get to know your co-pilot in a new way with all of the long on-the-road conversations and bonding over new sights. If you’re traveling solo, you’ll likely learn a lot about yourself and have plenty of time to jam to your favorite playlists en route. At any rate, you’ll see areas of California and its hidden gems that you would never see through a plane window.

  • 6. What are some must-see attractions in California?

    Lake Tahoe and San Francisco are great, as they are places that have a lot of top attractions in them already. Lake Tahoe is even a lot of fun during the winter season, and boasts some great snow activities! San Francisco is glorious in the spring and summer but is also still fun to see in the winter when the crowds are lighter.

    The Redwood Forest is a sight to see, and will leave you in awe of nature’s beauty. Another fun attraction is Tijuana in Mexico, just south of the border near San Diego. It can be a bit dicey off the beaten tourist path but is certainly a fun and exciting experience if you take basic precautions.

    Amusement and theme parks like Sea World, Disneyland, and Legoland are certainly winners for family activities! They can be more on the spendy side, though, so be sure to budget accordingly.

  • 7. Is California dog-friendly?

    The short answer is, yes! With 5,644 dog trails and countless pet-friendly hotels and restaurants for you and your pooch to explore, it’s hard to deny that the Golden State is an amazing place to bring a dog. When exploring California’s beaches, lakes, forests, deserts, and mountains with your four-legged friend, know that accidents can and do happen. As a responsible pet owner, we believe it’s always a great idea to carry pet insurance for California. Emergency vet bills can quickly add up and it’s more affordable than you might expect.

  • 8. What’s the best way to get around in California?

    Many people rent cars, and they’re probably the most efficient way to see as many attractions as possible. Parking is a bit of a chore, but luckily once you’ve parked you can typically walk many places from your parking spot. Public transportation is available in some cities but is sometimes hard to navigate or not as tourist-friendly.

    If you’re staying in a smaller place or won’t be venturing far from your accommodations, some cities and towns offer scooters or bike rentals!

  • 9. How can I find accommodations in California on a budget?

    Homesharing sites can be a good option for lower-cost accommodations, and hostels are pretty widely available in places like San Francisco and LA.

  • 10. Is California an expensive place to travel?

    It can be, but it doesn’t have to be extravagant. One of the surest ways to spend a lot of money is to pay for activities you could do for free, so instead of taking paid tours or doing expensive activities, try to find self-guided tours, free attractions, and cheap or free activities. There are many! Hike in a national park, take a picnic lunch to a park near the Golden Gate Bridge, drive around wine country or find a free wine tasting, hang out on one of CA’s many beaches… the list goes on and on.

    Another way to make your trip less expensive is to walk or ride bicycles when possible instead of driving. If you can avoid renting a car altogether, so much the better! Public transit in California is pretty easy to use and could save you money.

    Dining out and alcohol consumption certainly takes a chunk out of your spending money, so limiting these activities is a good way to save. If you have access to a kitchen, try picking up fresh local foods to cook for some meals!