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17 Top Airbnb Packing List Items for 2024 + What to Wear & NOT to Bring

What to pack for an airbnb
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Airbnb has changed the way we travel. Before people could rent out rooms in their homes, or second residences, travelers were subjected to hotels, campsites, trailers, and the like. Now, with the help of the internet, you can stay almost anywhere on Earth, most of the time for far less than you would pay at a hotel. But the cost isn’t the only thing that drives us to venture out with Airbnb. There’s something to being in a neighborhood instead of a touristy area of your destination.

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What to Pack for an Airbnb -17 Essentials

  • 1. Universal Travel Adapter

    Do you plan on spending some time in Paris? That sounds amazing. But you will need a universal travel adapter. Some countries have different outlets for their appliances, and France happens to be one of them. Our lives are kept on our phones and the chargers in the United States fit the outlets in that country. Be prepared if you’re headed abroad.

    Peru power adapter

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  • 2. Portable Charger

    There’s no denying our devices are important. That’s all the more reason to bring a portable charger. Whether you’re in the middle of an amazing canyon in the desert or standing in front of the Coliseum in Rome, there are tons of photo ops. Keep your device charged throughout the day with this compact charger.

    Portable Charger

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  • 3. Virtual Private Network (VPN)

    When you stay at an Airbnb you have to use the internet they provide. How do you know you’re safe? You don’t unless you use a VPN. This one from Nord offers a safe, fast, and smooth connection while stopping malware, tracking, and intrusive ads.


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  • 4. Neck Wallet

    Valuables should be kept close when traveling, no matter where you’re headed. Wallets can fall out of pockets and crowded areas are prone to thieves with sticky fingers. This neck wallet from Hero is sturdy and holds a lot. Everyone in your traveling party should get one to keep their money and documents safe.

    Neck Wallet

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  • 5. Life Straw Water Bottle

    Water is the stuff of life. We cannot survive without it. And, if you’re anything like us, you love our planet, which is why you travel. You want to experience it all. With this bottle, you can filter water anywhere in the world and you’ll be lessening your carbon footprint. You’ll love it so much you’ll use it when you aren’t traveling.

    Lifestraw Water Bottle

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  • 6. Hanging Toiletry Bag

    While many Airbnb spaces are less expensive than hotels, there are some that are more. To save money sometimes you have to compromise space. This hanging toiletry bag is great for anyone, no matter what toiletries you bring. It comes in several patterns and has a sturdy hook to hang your toiletries in a safe, discrete place.

    Hanging Toiletry Bag

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  • 7. House Shoes

    Some people enjoy walking barefoot. Others, not so much. If you’re one of the latter, bring some good house shoes. These will be for inside only and keep you in comfort, so you don’t wear your outside shoes inside. House shoes are also wonderful for those Airbnb rentals with decks and private three-screen porches.

    House Shoes

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  • 8. Packing Cubes

    You’ll find, as you keep reading, that packing for an Airbnb requires a few more things, which is where these packing cubes come in. If you are planning an extended stay, like a week at the beach, you’ll want a lot of little items. These packing cubes are fantastic for organizing things like kitchen items or laundry detergent.

    Packing Cubes

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  • 9. Daypack

    The Airbnb you’re renting could be a log cabin in the woods or, you might be staying in a flat in London. Both of those destinations will likely require long days of sightseeing. If you know you’ll be gone for the day, this pack is perfect for you. It’s not something you’d bring to the nightclub, but if you’re hiking through the moors, it can’t be beaten.


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  • 10. Travel Insurance

    Sometimes we don’t see obstacles until they appear. This is why travel insurance is a great idea, especially if you’re flying. allows you to compare policies from top companies to find the best option for you and your travel plans.

    Travel Insurance

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  • 11. Windproof Travel Umbrella

    There are places in the world, like Buffalo, New York, and Liverpool, England, where you can expect it to rain when you visit. Rainy places offer beauty that sunny destinations can’t, and we appreciate them immensely. But be prepared with the right equipment, like this compact, windproof umbrella.

    Windproof Travel Umbrella

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  • 12. Cooling Towel

    If your Airbnb stay is going to be full of heat and sweat, this cooling towel will be a great addition to your packing list. It’s created with woven, premium-grade, microfiber that will keep you cool when you need it the most. It also comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee.

    cooling towel

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  • 13. Beach Towels

    One of the most popular places people like to rent Airbnb spaces is near a beach. It could be the ocean, a lake in the woods, or some cool little house alongside the Mississippi River. If your destination includes a beach, bring plenty of towels. These are plus and extra-large for comfort.

    Beach Towels

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  • 14. Quick-Dry Travel Towel

    It may seem like we’re on a towel kick, but they’re important for travel. While beach towels are great for laying on the sand, they do tend to stay wet. This quick-drying towel is a must-have if you’re going to spend a lot of time in the water. The microfiber material dries faster than cotton and will ensure you have a dry towel every time.

    travel towel

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  • 15. Flashlight

    When you’re staying at an Airbnb, there’s no front desk or maintenance guy on site. Your host could be anywhere. What if the power goes out? Sure, you can call your host, but in the meantime, you’ll need more than the flashlight on your phone. This one is small, which makes it easy to pack, and it’s bright, so you’ll be able to see.


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  • 16. Travel Safe

    Millions of people travel with Airbnb and there are rarely issues. But things happen and you never know. What if someone broke into your space? You want to keep your valuables locked up. Hotels have safes. Airbnb rentals may not. With this cute little safe, you can keep things like jewelry safe, while you’re out exploring.

    Travel Safe

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  • 17. Universal Waterproof Phone Case

    We all love wet destinations. If your Airbnb stay is going to include a lot of time at the pool or beach, you’ll want to add this to your packing list. There’s nothing worse than ruining your phone on your trip and having to spend a day getting another set up. If you’re on the other side of the world, the hassle is ten times worse. Protect your devices.

    Universa Waterproof

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What to Wear While Staying in an Airbnb

Since Airbnb stays can happen in any corner of the globe, there are all kinds of things you can wear. First and foremost, you want something to sleep in, so pajamas are a given. But what about the location? Are you roughing it, or will you be hanging out in a metropolis with bright lights? This is what you need to think about when you pack your clothes.

There are Airbnb trips where you spend very little time in the rental, and others where you live there for a week or so. This is also important when you plan your suitcase. If you’re heading out, pack for those activities, and if you’re staying in, pack what you feel most comfortable in. There are no rules. What’s most important, is you stay true to you.

What Should WOMEN Wear? – (Click to expand)
Below is a sample women’s clothing list. (All items link to for your convenience).

Are you spending time in a famous city and planning on hitting the best restaurants and nightclubs? Then you want to pack your favorite dresses and some cute heels. But, if you’re spending a weekend on a ranch, then you want to leave those things at home and bring your jeans and boots.

If you’re headed to the beach, don’t forget the bathing suit and beach bag. But you may be headed out for a skiing trip. Then you need jeans, sweaters, and a sturdy snowsuit. Hiking shoes are perfect for outdoor activities, and comfortable walking shoes will help anywhere you plan on using your feet as transportation.

What Should MEN Wear? – (Click to expand)
Below is a sample men’s clothing list. (All items link to for your convenience).

Clothing items are sold according to gender, so if you’re the type of person who enjoys men’s attire, the rules aren’t much different from our feminine counterparts. What clothing you choose to bring depends solely on the activities that you’ll be doing outside of your Airbnb. Unless you plan on vegging out there for a few days, which requires nothing more than clothes of comfort.

If you’re staying in a metropolitan area, slacks would be a nice idea. If you’re doing more outdoorsy things, you’ll want to bring your jeans and hiking boots. Will you be hitting the beach or pool? Don’t forget the bathing suit! Gather an inventory of events and plan your attire accordingly.

Packing for the Seasons


Summer is a popular time for traveling because the beaches are fun, and the sun draws us near. But people also like to travel to cooler climates in the summer to beat the heat. If you’re a sun worshipper, be sure to bring sunscreen and a sun hat. If you’re headed somewhere cool, a light jacket is always helpful.


Fall is when the leaves display amazing colors and activities like hiking are taken up a notch. Good hiking boots are needed to see that foliage, and cute-heeled boots are perfect for those city streets. Don’t forget the sweater. Fall is the perfect time for comfy sweaters. But focus on layers, which allow you to cool off and warm up as you move from the inside to the outside and back again.


Sweaters work well in the winter too. But you may need snow boots, or a winter jacket than required in the fall. Gloves and hats are a necessity in places like Chicago, which can get rather frigid. Don’t forget the t-shirts because layers work in these situations. It’s not unheard of to be too heated and pull the sweater off for relief.


Spring brings about the excitement of newness. But dressing for it doesn’t differ much from fall. We’ve said it before, but we can’t emphasize layers enough. First, you put on a t-shirt, then a pullover, follow it with a light jacket, and you can keep going. Each layer is removable, or addable, depending on your specific needs at any time.

Dressing Appropriately for the Activity – (Click to expand)
Going to the Beach
Beaches are hot destinations in more ways than one. It’s a good idea to check the weather first. If you’re going for the sun and water, all you should need is a suit, coverup, and flip flops. But it’s nice to bring dry clothes like shorts and a tank top for later. If you’re hitting a bonfire, a beach sweater and blanket might come in handy.

Biking the Area
Bikes are eco-friendly and a fun way to get to know an area. If you’re going to do some biking, be sure to have a helmet, especially if you plan on riding in urban areas. Gloves are important if you plan on long rides, and padded shorts wouldn’t hurt either.

When shopping, you want to look your best, but you also want to be comfortable. If you can walk in heels, go for it. For those who can barely make it to the end of the block in heeled shoes, cute comfortable sneakers never hurt, and are good for your back and feet.

One of the biggest drives to a traveler are interesting sights. If you’re set on walking the streets of Paris for the day, you may want to reconsider those heels. Don’t fear looking like a tourist if comfy shoes sound like a better idea.

Some people stay at Airbnb for out-of-town meetings, training, or when visiting their kids at college. When working, be sure to pack work attire. If you’re unsure of their requirements, inquire. When visiting, pack for expected activities. Campus tours can be long, so wear those comfy shoes.

What NOT to Bring to an Airbnb

  • 1.DON’T Bring Excessive Books

    One book is fine, but you shouldn’t be bringing an entire library with you, even if you plan on staying in a lot to read. If you plan to read more than one book you might want to invest in a kindle or other tablet. Your suitcase will thank you.

  • 2.DON’T Bring Unnecessary Electronics

    If you’re working while staying at an Airbnb, then your laptop is essential. But if you’re visiting family or vacationing somewhere exotic, leave it at home.

  • 3.DON’T Bring Too Much Clothing

    A major advantage of some Airbnb rentals is the availability to do laundry. This means you can pack less.

  • 4.DON’T Bring Things You Don’t Need

    You don’t need your diamond earrings when headed to Machu Picchu, any more than you need hiking boots in a Manhattan Airbnb. You don’t have to plan your entire trip to the last second, but get an idea of the weather, terrain, and activities and pack accordingly.

  • 5.DON’T Bring Things You Don’t Want to Leave Behind

    There are some things that have sentimental value, like a favorite picture of your family, or a bracelet your mom left you when she passed. If you don’t need to bring it with you, sometimes it’s best to leave it at home in the safe.

FAQ about Airbnb Stays

  • 1. Is Airbnb safe?

    Is Airbnb safe?

    We take risks every time we leave our homes. That’s a fact and traveling proposes bigger risks because you’re surrounded by strangers and unfamiliar things. The fact is, an Airbnb is as safe as anywhere. Sure, you don’t have the front desk security of a busy hotel, but it’s a home, with locks and its own security. So, in short, yes. Airbnb is safe. Be smart about where you leave your belongings and make sure the area where the Airbnb is is safe.

  • 2. Will the place be clean?

    Most likely yes, but you never know. This is why you should read the reviews for each location. Plus, Airbnb charges a cleaning fee, that ensures a clean area. Plus, Airbnb has a 5-step cleaning process required to host on their site.

  • 3. Is Airbnb better than a hotel?

    Is Airbnb better than a hotel?

    It can be, depending on the activity. If you’re staying on a lake, a rental home is much better. Also, when visiting your kids at college, the hotels can be far from their dorms. Staying on campus is easier and much more fun. Most Airbnbs come with amenities that hotels do not. Such as equipped kitchens and a washing machine. These simple amenities can make your stay way more comfortable than a hotel.

  • 4. Is Airbnb cheaper than a hotel?

    Many times, it is, but there are Airbnb rentals in some posh places that can cost quite a bit. If price is your largest concern, then do your research. There are Airbnb options that offer a single room for a great deal.

  • 5. Will the owner be onsite?

    Will the owner be onsite?

    They can be, but that will be stated on their Airbnb profile. Be sure to read them all, check out reviews from former guests, and go from there. If you’re in and out a lot, it won’t matter. And a good host knows how to give guests some privacy. Some Airbnbs are just rooms for rent, so in that case the owner or other guests could be in one of the other rooms in the house.

  • 6. Will be far from what we want to see?

    This is another great reason you need to research. At the bottom of an Airbnb listing is a map. You can go here to compare the host’s location to the sites you want to see. Prices do get higher in popular locations, so don’t be afraid of walking to save a little cash.

  • 7. How do I choose the right Airbnb for me?

    How do I choose the right Airbnb for me?

    Research and instinct are good places to start. Punch in a location and start looking at the photos. Does the décor appeal to you? If not, keep looking. What about location? How are the reviews? The answers to these questions will guide you in the right direction. Airbnb has a filter system that can help you narrow down your search. You can search for pet-friendly places, places with parking, or a specified number of bedroom or bathrooms.