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17 Top Baby Packing List Items for 2024 + What NOT to Bring

17 Top Baby Packing List Items for 2024 + What NOT to Bring
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Traveling with your baby may seem scary and difficult, but it doesn’t have to be! There are several tricks and gadgets we’ve picked up over time that make traveling with our babies so much easier.
We’ve put together an essential baby packing list that includes items you won’t want to forget to pack for your baby, no matter where you’re going!

We’ve also included sections on what NOT to pack along with helpful answers to FAQs. Enjoy the adventure!

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Us building a block tower in Sardinia, Italy.
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What to Pack for Your Baby – 17 Essentials

  • 1. Portable Changing Pad

    Sometimes when you’re on the road, you don’t have the best options for diaper changes. But that’s exactly why this changing pad is perfect for travelling! The redirection barrier keeps your bub’’s hands from reaching whatever is near. There’s even attachable toys for the top of the mat to distract them while you’re busy cleaning up! It’s compact, made of quality material and reasonably priced – definitely worth it!

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  • 2. Silicone Bibs

    This silicone bib practically replaces all other bibs you could need while on vacation. They’re extremely easy to clean and can be used again and again during your trip. All it takes is a quick wipe down with a wet towel and you’re good to go – saving you laundry and time!

    Silicone Bibs

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  • 3. Homeopathic First Aid Kit

    This kit is filled with natural, effective remedies for your babies that is free of side effects and harmful chemicals. We bring it with us every time we travel. Believe us, it’s saved us many times over!

    Earache Relief – Babies tend to have earaches after long flights or changing altitudes, so this medicine has really come in handy. It comes with a small dosing dropper that makes application easy and it works quickly to begin relieving any fever, pain, or irritability.

    Natural Gas Relief – Gas or upset tummies are common side effects of travelling. This grape-flavored medicine provides natural relief for any gas, constipation or similar symptoms.

    Camilia Teething Relief – These all-natural drops instantly help with irritability from teething and painful gums. The drops come in single-use containers, so it’s perfect for throwing a few in your bag wherever you go.

    Baby Vitamin C – Prepare for your trip by making sure everyone is as healthy as can be – a sick baby is definitely not a happy baby. Vitamin C boosts immune systems, so it never hurts to sneak some of this in during the days leading up to departure.

    Echinacea Drops – Similar to the Vitamin C, Echinacea helps fight back against any impending sicknesses.

    Baby Calm – These tablets have been great for us when our baby is fussy or fighting sleep. They’re perfect for fighting jet lag or for the flight itself.

    Homeopathic First Aid Kit

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  • 4. Foldable Baby Mat

    Depending on where you’re going, it might be worth looking into a foldable playmat that could be easily set up in a hotel room or AirBnB. The mat is large enough to fold out to almost six feet long, but you’re able to keep part of it folded if your space is limited. Folds very small so it fits perfectly in a car or large suitcase.

    Foldable Baby Mat

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  • 5. On-The-Go Baby Dome

    If you’re headed to the beach or anywhere else you’ll be outside for extended periods, bring along an on-the-go baby dome. It’s big enough for baby to move around or sleep in and shaded to keep them protected from the harsh sun! Attachable toys are included to keep baby occupied, too!

    Fisher Price On The Go Baby Dome White

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  • 6. Portable Booster Seat

    This soft, adjustable booster seat is perfect for virtually any chair. The size is perfect for babies that are 9 months and older and the seat is so lightweight and easy to carry. It self-inflates slightly to provide a cushion and the safety straps are secure and adjustable for a perfect fit.

    Portable Booster Seat

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  • 7. Portable Drying Rack + Natural Soap

    Cleaning bottles on the go isn’t the easiest, but this portable drying rack lessens the headache at least a little bit. I opt for this natural, hypoallergenic soap because it can be used on anything without worrying about dangerous chemicals.

    Portable Drying Rack + Natural Soap

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  • 8. Inexpensive Awesome Travel Stroller

    Strollers over 20lbs won’t make it past security, so opt for this lightweight stroller that happens to be our #1 pick for travel strollers this year. It’s only 13 pounds and can be folded down to fit easily in a small trunk or overhead bin, if necessary. It also has several different positions, including a completely flat option, so you can make sure your babe is as comfortable as can be while on the go!

    Inexpensive Awesome Travel Stroller

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  • 9. Portable Bottle Warmer

    Another lifesaver, especially when travelling with super young babies, is this easy-to-use portable bottle warmer. The thermal flask keeps hot water just warm enough to soak your baby’s bottle in before feeding time. It’s small enough to fit easily in your baby bag and works with all standard sized baby bottles.

    Portable Bottle Warmer

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  • 10. Sleep Sack

    This all season sleep sack is the only sleep sack you will need until your baby is 2 years old! The zippered sides make it easy for you to slip it on your baby just as they start to doze off, and the high-quality fabric keeps them from getting too hot or too cold through the night. The summer sleep sack doesn’t stay as warm but can last until your baby is about 3 years old or outgrows it!

    Sleep Sack

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  • 11. Portable Play Pen/ Crib

    Let your baby get used to this play pen before folding it up to take with you on your adventure! If you have the space for it at your destination, this play pen is perfect for keeping baby out of harm’s way with some toys for a little bit of time. It also works perfectly as a portable crib/bed that won’t break the bank!

    Portable Play Pen/ Crib

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  • 12. Packing Cubes For Organizing

    Staying organized while travelling by yourself is already a difficult feat, but keeping up with your baby’s items on top of that can be extremely stressful. We’ve found that these packing cubes are a huge help in keeping certain items together and others separate. I like to label what is in each cube so I have easy access to what I need whenever we get where we’re going. There are also laundry bags to keep your dirty clothes seperate from the clean!

    aqua packing cubes

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  • 13. Sanitizing Wipes

    Airplanes and customer service counters are among the most germ-filled places you could be, and you’ll likely be spending time around both if you’re making a big trip. I like to stuff a few of these individually-wrapped sanitizing wipes into every bag so we always have a way to clean our surfaces.

    Sanitizing Wipes

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  • 14. Stroller Clips

    Tired of having your baby’s blanket swept off in the wind or pulled to the ground and under the wheels? These stroller clips are exactly what you need! I had no idea these even existed but now I can’t use my stroller without them! They can help shield your baby from the sun, keep them warm during a walk or even keep toys within arm’s reach (and off the dirty ground every five minutes!).

    Stroller Clips

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  • 15. Diaper Backpack

    This baby bag is perfect for both day-to-day use and big trips. There’s a pocket in the front specifically for baby bottles, access to wipes from the side and a huge pocket in the middle with pockets that makes organization super easy! I don’t go anywhere without it.

    Diaper Backpack

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  • 16. Baby Carrier

    Don’t break your back holding your baby while travelling. There’s bound to be moments when you’re unable to put your baby down but your arms are exhausted — that’s where this device comes in! Hold your baby comfortably and securely without hurting yourself. Considering how often we use it, it’s definitely worth the investment!

    Baby Carrier

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  • 17. Washable/ Chewable Baby Books

    Almost as important as a comforting stuffed animal is an indestructible toy that can keep your baby busy while travelling. These chewable and washable books are cheap and perfect for a plane or road trip! The material is rip proof and non toxic, so you don’t have to worry about your baby damaging a favorite book!

    Washable/ Chewable Baby Books

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What NOT to Bring for your Baby

  • 1.DON’T BRING heavy toys

    Save yourself the trouble and the back ache and leave the heavy trucks or big dolls at home. They’ll be there when you get back!

  • 2.DON’T BRING lots of books

    It’s great to read but depending on your baby’s age, they won’t need a huge variety to choose from. Bring some of the indestructible books for fun and some paper-backed books for reading at night!

  • 3.DON’T PACK favorite outfits

    Sure, you can bring one or two of the outfits you really love, but don’t bring them all. Travelling can get messy and stains are likely, so only bring the stuff you’re willing to part with if necessary!

  • 4.DON’T BRING jewelry

    It’s so sweet to see your babies dolled up with earrings, necklaces or bracelets, but these can be easily lost while on the road. It’s best to keep the shiny stuff at home so you’ll have one less thing to worry about!


  • 5.DON’T PACK a baby robe

    Most places you go, there will be towels (or you’ll have your travel towel) and you’ll be getting baby dressed right away. Robes are cute but usually a waste in a hotel.

  • 6.DON’T BRING lots of socks

    You know you’re bound to lose at least a handful while on the road, so opt for footy pajamas instead. That way, your baby’s feet stay warm and you don’t have to worry about socks being thrown on the floor when you aren’t looking.

What NOT to wear – (Click to expand)
Don’t feel like you have to dress your baby to the nines for your family vacation – comfort is key! You want to make it easiest on yourself, so opt for zippers instead of snaps and layers instead of big, bulky jackets. Important jewelry that could be easily lost should also probably stay safe at home. Research the area where you are planning to travel to make sure you have the appropriate jackets or sweaters or t-shirts for the area.

FAQs about traveling with your baby

  • 1. What exactly should be in my carry-on?

    Here’s a breakdown of what I feel like you absolutely cannot travel without while flying with a baby:

      • Travel documents: ID, passport, boarding pass, travel insurance information, credit cards, money
      • Electronics and chargers: Laptops, phones, cameras, etc.
      • Meds: Prescription medication and homeopathic travel meds (like baby calm and earache drops mentioned above)
      • Changes of clothes: At least two changes for baby and one for you
      • Diapers (be generous — always better to have too much than not enough!) and a full package of wipes
      • Plastic bags: Good for laundry or to hold easy-to-access snacks
      • Food/milk: Bring twice as much as you think you’ll need, plus bottles, burp cloths and a utensil
      • Pacifiers, toys and special comfort item
  • 2. How many diapers do I need to bring?

    Even if you don’t think your baby will have an upset tummy while traveling, still pack as though there could be an explosion at any time! A good rule of thumb is one diaper per hour (including time from the airport to the final location).

  • 3. What should baby wear for the plane or car ride?

    You want to make sure your baby is as comfortable as can be during the journey. Layers are important so I like to opt for a zippable (not snappable) full-body outfit over a lightweight onesie, that way they are warm and protected during the trip.

  • 4. Should I pack a suitcase just for the baby?

    For fear of losing the suitcase that matters the most, I have never packed a suitcase specifically for the baby. Instead, we use one of our larger bags and dedicate one or two of the packing cubes to the baby’s clothes. That way, they’re easy to access and all kept together.

  • 5. How many changes of clothes should I bring?

    You don’t want to overpack too much when traveling, but if you don’t have access to laundry machines then you don’t want to under pack, either. I think two outfits per day, plus three extra outfits, will be enough to suffice on any trip.

  • 6. How can I pack my checked bags most efficiently?

    With bag expenses getting higher and higher, it’s so important to maximize the space in your luggage. We personally designed these organization-friendly packing cubes to make packing and living out of a suitcase for days or weeks at a time that much easier.

  • 7. Best way to travel with a baby?

    You probably know by now how your baby tends to do in the car. But if you’re considering taking them on the first airplane trip, try not to stress. Get a jetlag medicine to bring along in case your baby gets fussy, as well as their favorite blanket and plenty of food. Both traveling options can be stressful in theory, but as long as you are prepared you will be able to soothe even the most irritable child!

  • 8. What are the best vacation spots to visit with a baby?

    Almost anywhere you can think of would be suitable for a baby. Beach and mountain vacations are extremely popular all over the globe – though traveling internationally does introduce more hurdles than may be necessary. I’d suggest staying away from desserts and exceptionally hot or cold places, just to protect your baby and keep them comfortable! Other than that, the world is you (and your baby’s!) oyster!