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17 Top Girl Scout Camp Packing List Items for 2024 + What NOT to Bring

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Girl Scout Camp is a super fun way for you to make new friends, bond with your troop, and try new things.

Packing can be hard, but this list will make sure you have everything you need for a fun camp experience!

While you’re packing, be sure to label all clothing and accessories with the camper’s first and last name.

Girl Scout Camp
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What to pack for Girl Scout Camp – 17 Essentials

  • 1. Underwear

    Underwear (enough for each day plus a few extra pairs ) – You won’t want to worry about laundry when you’re busy having so much fun at camp. Bring more than enough just in case… You can never bring enough underwear!

    Cotton Gentle

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  • 2. Socks

    Like underwear, you can truly never bring too many pairs of socks. You never know when you’re going to step in a puddle on accident and soak your feet! These ones are perfect for athletic use and are also super cute.


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  • 3. T-shirts or Casual Tops

    During Girl Scout Camp, you’ll probably be wearing casual and athletic clothes every day. Regular t-shirts will fit all your camp needs. These ones are cute and comfy. Remember to bring at least one extra, because you never know when you or a friend will accidentally spill something or get wet if it rains!

    T-shirts or Casual Tops

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  • 4. Sweatshirt

    Bring along a warm sweatshirt or comfy, insulated fleece for those chilly mornings and nights around the campfire. There is probably no need for anything heavier than this type of outerwear. This jacket comes in a variety of cute colors, and is highly rated on Amazon.


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  • 5. Athletic Shorts

    A week at Girl Scout Camp is going to be filled with lots of active games in the great outdoors. Bringing a few pairs of athletic shorts should be sufficient for loads of fun during sunny weather! These shorts come in a bunch of different colors and can be mixed and matched with anything.

    Faster Medium

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  • 6. Long Pants

    Just in case the temperatures cool down, don’t be caught without a long pair of pants. Leggings, yoga pants, sweatpants or jeans are all good options. These particular leggings are awesome for camp since they can be worn for athletic or casual purposes.

    Long Pants

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  • 7. Brightly Colored Water Bottle

    Staying hydrated is incredibly important while you’re spending any time outdoors! Bringing one in a bright color will help you identify yours since every other girl will probably have one too. With a reusable water bottle you can refill over and over again. This water bottle is my favorite because of its sip-friendly spout and spill proof locking mechanism.

    Brightly Colored Water Bottle

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  • 8. Flip Flops (Shower Shoes)

    Flip flops are a must-have at Girl Scout Camp. Flip flops are good to wear to the pool or lake, and you’ll definitely wear them right into the shower at night, (nobody wants a bad case of athlete’s foot ruining their week)! Make sure to get a waterproof pair like these ones.

    Toddler Little

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  • 9. Raincoat or Poncho

    Check the weather before heading off to Girl Scout Camp! Don’t let a wet forecast dampen your spirits, and instead come prepared with an emergency rain jacket and pair of rain boots so that you can enjoy all the camp activities. You’ll have fun rain or shine!


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  • 10. Cute Swimsuit

    Summertime Girl Scout Camp is prime time for jumping in lakes, kayaking in streams and swimming in the camp pool. I recommend bringing two swimsuits so that you can alternate between the two if one needs to hang out and dry. This one is cute and versatile. Make sure to check your camp’s policies and see if there are swimwear regulations (maybe one pieces only)!

    Racerback Swimsuit

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  • 11. Comfy Pajamas

    Bringing a comfortable and cute set of pajamas is a must for Girl Scout Camp. They’ll help you unwind after all the fun-filled camp activities, and keep you warm at night in your sleeping bag. These ones are super soft and fabulous.

    Comfy Pajamas

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  • 12. Walking Shoes or Hiking Boots

    There’s a lot of exploring to be done at camp! You and your girlfriends will most likely be going on hikes and muddy walks to the mess hall on a daily basis, so bring some comfortable shoes like these!

    Walking Shoes or Hiking Boots

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  • 13. Backpack

    There are a few things you’ll want to keep on your person during the daytime at camp, like your water bottle, emergency flashlight, and chapstick. Keep it all organized by bringing a small athletic backpack with you. It will keep you organized and is much more convenient than trying to juggle everything in your pockets. This one is made from rip and water resistant nylon fabric, and is extremely sparkly. It’s definitely spacious enough for your everything you want to bring!


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  • 14. Bug Spray/ Sunscreen

    Keep those annoying mosquitos away from you at Girl Scout Camp so you don’t go home covered in bug bites. Protecting yourself from the sun is equally important. This bug repellent and sunscreen duo is perfect. Keep it in your backpack during the day, share with your buddies, and reapply every few hours.

    Bug Spray/ Sunscreen

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  • 15. Sleeping Bag

    Whether you’re staying in a cabin, lodge or tent, your bunk will most likely call for a sleeping bag. Usually the mattresses at Girl Scout Camps are rubber, so a fitted sheet wouldn’t be a bad item to bring, either! This sleeping bag is warm enough for chilly summer nights, and will make you feel extra cozy.

    Sleeping Bag

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  • 16. Towels & Washcloths

    During Girl Scout Camp, you’re likely to get muddy, dirty and sweaty. Bring a towel and washcloth for your evening shower so you can stay squeaky clean. This one doubles as a cover up so you can dry off post-shower without worrying about your towel falling off.

    Towels & Washcloths

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  • 17. Shower Caddie & Toiletries

    With every girl at Girl Scout Camp bringing their own shampoo and soap, it can be easy to get your shower things mixed up with somebody else’s, so keep your shower items organized with a caddy. This one makes it easy to grab what you need and head for the showers. Don’t forget your shampoo, conditioner and body wash!


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What to wear to Girl Scout Camp

At Girl Scout Camp, you’ll be wearing mostly athletic, casual clothing. Bring enough shorts, t-shirts, socks, and athletic walking shoes. Depending on your location, you might want to bring some layers in case it gets cold. Even in the peak summer months, mornings and evenings can be chilly no matter where you are. Make sure to pack a sweatshirt or fleece for the nighttime. Definitely bring a comfy set of pajamas and emergency rain gear.

What NOT to take to Girl Scout Camp

  • 1.Weapons

  • 2.Pets

  • 3.Tobacco

  • 4.Alcohol

  • 5.Candy, food or beverages

  • 6.Personal sports equipment

  • 7.Electronic Devices ( Cell phones, iPods, tablets, and game devices will be confiscated if brought to camp and will be kept in the camp office until departure day. eReaders, such as Nooks and Kindles, may be brought for reading, but they will be confiscated if seen being used for playing games or using the internet).

FAQs about Girl Scout Camp

  • 1. How should I pack my daughter’s medication?

    Pack medication containers in a plastic zip bag with the camper’s name printed in permanent ink on the bag. All medications, vitamins, and supplements must be in original containers with the doctor’s name, dosage, and any instructions clearly stated.

  • 2. What if my daughter accidentally leaves something at camp?

    Camp is usually not responsible for lost or stolen personal belongings, money, or any items left at camp. Try to contact the camp director if items are forgotten at camp!

  • 3. How much down-time will the girls have at Girl Scout Camp?

    Troop leaders usually keep the campers really busy, and the days are usually jam-packed with activities. Expect super active days, and an hour or two of downtime in the evening when everybody will take turns showering. Some Girl Scout Camps build in rest-time between activities.

  • 4. What's the best way to prevent homesickness at camp?

    Even with fun-filled days, some girls may still get a bit homesick, especially if it’s their first time at a sleepaway camp. Have your daughter bring along pre-addressed postcards or stationary so that they can write letters home.